10 best logo design tools to try in 2022

Logo designing is a very important aspect that requires creative attention to the core. If you are hiring a professional agency or a graphic designer – it can cost you to pay some extra bucks. Therefore, the best way to move about is to get hold of some of the best logo design tools.

Where to get the best logo design tools from?

Logo making software is available on the internet and also available for download. The best way to pick a software to whip up some amazing designs is to find a software that provides you with hands-on experience, is easy to work with and has a greater range of professional options. At first it may feel confusing but getting many options means more control over your design.

Let’s take a look at some of the best logo design tools of 2022:

1.   Canva

A template based software that has a professional range of pre-made logos for a variety of styles. Canva has a simple user-friendly drag and drop interface that requires no expertise. A layman can use it without any necessary training. Canva pro is also quite reasonable as compared to many graphic designing software. The quality and final input is easy to download and reuse without any unnecessary watermarks.

2.   Hatchful by Shopify

If you’re on the go and want to craft a quick logo concept, hatchful can be your trusted partner. Considered to be one the convenient and best logo design tools, this mobile friendly application allows you to create a design swiftly by adding a template and making relative changes. Although the software lacks extra options and a variety of design styles, it still gets the job done easily. Premade logos at hatchful are an excellent way to gain inspiration for your logo design.

3.   Logo Design Studio Pro

One time cost and a variety of options that lets you create amazing logos with a simple interface that is easy to understand. The logos created using this software are scalable which means you don’t lose the pixels or clarity of your logo and can be made to any size. From vector styles, color ranges, graphic options, typography and fonts etc, this can be the solution of your choice.

4.   Tailor Brands

This software has a unique professional set of templates that can be used to design some exquisite logo options. Tailor brands literally take you in for a Q and A ride and tailors your preferences for a logo design. As a user you can make changes to your design and customize accordingly. The templates are limited and it doesn’t provide you with a lot of designing approaches.  

5.   Adobe Illustrator

Once paid for – you get a hold of the best logo design tool you can imagine! Adobe Illustrator is a power packed graphic designer software that has elaborative and basic tools to create effective logo designs. The software requires training and detailed practice before it gives you the best logos possible. Customization options and professional designs are easily crafted using Adobe Illustrator. The right alignment, color theme and gradient fill are some of the exciting features that are included in the software.

6.   Looka

This design softwares uses AI to check your logo design preferences. There are certain downsides to the software including limited customization and a hefty price for the pro version but the good part is the wide selection of logos it allows you to create. The designs are professional looking and detailed.

7.   Logomaker

Logo design can be urgent at times and the best way to go about it is to look for an online solution instead of waiting for downloading and installation of a software. The Logomaker is a basic logo design maker that has limited customization options and isn’t well suited for professional logos. But if you want to make changes to a logo file or create a simple, minimalistic design then Logomaker is your option!

8.   CorelDraw

One of the best logo making software – CorelDraw is a professional graphic designing software that lets you create masterpieces. The software requires elaborate training but the end result is always amazing. Listed as one of the best logo design tools, it provides you with a detailed structure, an array of elements and components for generating high quality vectors.

Joining the league, another online logo maker is used to create professional logos for small and huge companies. The website is packed with certain pre-made templates which can help you get a start, you don’t have to begin anything from scratch. TurboLogo is your optimal choice if you are looking for a software that helps you create beautiful designs in no time. The software has a user-friendly interface that is perfect for students or beginners who are just starting out in the field and looking for some easy options to work with.

10.                GIMP

This open-source software is considered to be one of the best logo design tools because of the free of cost and elaborate option idea. The GIMP allows professionals and beginners to create logos from scratch by using incredibly easy tools which are convenient to use.

How to choose the best logo design tools?

That entirely depends on the types of logos you wish you design. If you are a professional graphic designer it is always better to go for the high-end softwares including CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator and even Photoshop. These softwares provide you with commendable results and an elaborate editing option grid which you can use to design almost anything! There is no limitation to what you can imagine and pin there.

Select a software that you have a good approach to. Hands-on experience is always considered to be the best. Look for tutorials and designing hacks to gain expertise in the software and you are good.

If you need some quick designs then mobile apps can be your best choice to get some convenient options lined up. If not the actual logo, then a draft or concept design can be made there easily. Other than these there are plentiful of paid and free best logo design tools that you can opt for.

Author’s Bio – Hi! I am a writing enthusiast. I am an avid traveler and love to write about designing options, tutorials and the like. Being a graphic designer myself I got my formal education in the discipline from University of California. I am also a part-time Blogger for Diginerds and several other blogs.

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