20+ Fun Things to do in Tulum.

Tulum is famous for its pristine beaches, crystal clear cenotes, Mayan ruins, and achingly hip vibe, and along with this, there are many unique things to do in Tulum. Tulum was once a sleepy beach town but it has evolved into an electric mix of modern and ancient things along with luxuries for the people. Many of us might not know that Tulum is a UNESCO world heritage site as it has some best ruins of Mayan on the Yucatan which has little things for everyone. 

For those who are planning to visit Tulum then this is the blog for you as here in this blog you are going to get to know about all the things you can do in the town when you visit there. The first thing the visitors must do when they arrive at the airport is to pick up a Telcel sim card so that they won’t face troubles with the internet and other things. You can get to Tulum by various means like by a rental car, a public bus, a private or shared transfers and many other means too. 

Now once you are in the town you must be wondering where you can stay then let us tell you that you can select from tulum all inclusive resorts with private beaches access or you can go with lodgings near the public beaches or you can also go with hotels and hostels in the town which are there. All of these are good options for you to select with and we are going to provide you with a shortlist that you can see. 

  1. Casa Santiago – this is a small boutique hotel that has a perfect location near the oasis and the visitors will get a clean room and reasonable prices here for the rooms. 
  2. El pez a Colibri Boutique hotel – another one is this which is situated near the sunset beach is a very good and amazing hotel the visitor can try. 
  3. Hotel poc na Tulum – if you looking for a stunning beachfront hotel that is away from a busy hotel zone then this is the one for you. 

Things people can do in Tulum –

Now if you are wondering what all you can do in Tulum or about the things to do in Tulum at night we are going to tell you all about it so without any further ad on for the same let us move ahead to know about it. 

  1. The Tulum ruins are a good place to explore for the visitors here. 
  2. Beach at the Tulum ruins 
  3. Si’an Kan biosphere 
  4. Playa pariso 
  5. The crooked palm tree 
  6. Hire a bicycle to roam around the town 
  7. Santa fe beach is a good place too. 
  8. Swimming in a cenote is a thing you cannot miss. 
  9. Enjoying some Tacos along with Tequila at Mateos 
  10. Night at kaan luum lagoon 
  11. Matcha mama 
  12. Burrito amor 
  13. Follwing the dream sign 
  14. Exploring the jungles at the Coba ruins is good option. 
  15. Taking a day trip to chichen itza 
  16. Shopping at the tulum boutiques available 
  17. Palo volador ‘Dance of the flyers’
  18. Exploring the resorts and beach clubs 
  19. Checking out the entrances to the Ahau Tulum and mia beach restaurant 
  20. The Tulum sign is a must to explore 
  21. The sunrise beach will give your trip a memorable experience 

All these fantastic places will make your trip to Tulum an amazing one with memories full of laughter and a good time there for you with your friends or families.   

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