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31 Personalized Teacher Gifts That Are Thoughtful and Unique


There are certain people who are harder to shop for than others. Teachers tend to be among that group since you want to get them something meaningful without it being trite. Gift cards are always a win, but they aren’t the most sentimental of gifts. Ornaments are sentimental, but how many “No. 1 Teacher” ornaments can one teacher hang on a tree? Gifts like bags and phone stands are practical but lack that something special.

Traditional teacher imagery like apples and pencils can be gaudy, but when done right can be gosh-darn delightful. And personalizing a gift is a surefire way to make it stand out in a sea of presents. We have combed through all the personalized teacher gifts on the market today to bring you a list that we think strikes that perfect balance of sentimentality, tastefulness, and practicality!

Quick tip: Check your school’s gift policy before giving; some prohibit homemade treats and/or gifts over a certain monetary value.

(Note: WeAreTeachers may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. We only recommend items our team loves!)

1. Personalized Gift Card Holder

A wooden engraved gift card holder is made to look like a coffee cup.

Regardless of whether it is for Target, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon, if there is one gift that is universally loved amongst teachers, it is definitely a gift card. This beautifully engraved gift card holder will make your gift even more special.

Buy it: Personalized Teacher Gift Card Holder at Etsy

2. Quarter-Zip Sweatshirt

A gray quarter zip sweatshirt says Mrs. Sydney and has an apple embroidered on it. (personalized teacher gifts)

Who doesn’t love a cozy, quarter-zip sweatshirt, especially during the fall and winter months? Unlike some personalized teacher apparel on the market, this one is tasteful in its simplicity.

Buy it: Apple Zip Pullover at Etsy

3. Lanyard

Several beaded lanyards are engraved with teacher's names (personalized teacher gifts)

Every teacher needs a lanyard so why not gift them one of these pretty beaded ones with their name engraved on it?

Buy it: Personalized Beaded Lanyard at Etsy

4. Personalized Greeting Card

A cute cartoon card is shown with a teacher's name in block letters on the bottom.

Although store-bought gifts are great, teachers consistently rank handmade thank-you notes atop any list of their favorite gifts. This card offers personalization while giving your child the chance to add their own special touch.

Buy it: Oversized Coloring Greeting Card at Personalization Mall

5. Personalized Notepads

A white pad says A Note From and leaves room for personalization.

We love the idea of a teacher gift that is equally cute and useful. Teachers have to write a lot of notes, so this saves them the hassle of having to sign their name.

Buy it: Personalized Teacher Notepad at Etsy

6. Monogrammed Tote Bag

A black and canvas tote bag has a letter A embroidered on it.

Teachers have to carry a lot of stuff to and from school, so gift them this sturdy and roomy canvas tote bag. While this bag is perfect for the workday, it will transition well to any time thanks to the sophisticated black-and-white design and overall lack of traditional teacher symbols like pencils or apples.

Buy it: BeeGreen Initial Canvas Tote Bag at Amazon

7. Personalized Phone Stand

A leather phone stand has a name embroidered on it.

A busy teacher could easily misplace their phone during the day, which is why a good phone stand makes for a perfect gift. Though the stand is attractive enough on its own, the personalization in a pretty font really puts this gift over the top!

Buy it: Leather Phone Stand at Etsy

8. Personalized Cosmetic Bag

A small canvas makeup bag has an apple on it and says Ms. Bennett (personalized teacher gifts)

We love the versatility of this sweet personalized bag since it can be used in school for pencils and pens or at home for makeup or, really, anything!

Buy it: Personalized Teacher Cosmetic and Makeup Bag at Amazon

9. Rainbow Sweatshirt

A beige sweatshirt has a rainbow in the corner with a teacher's name embroidered on it.

This sweatshirt was just so pretty, we couldn’t resist including it in our list of personalized teacher gifts. While all the traditional teacher symbolism is present, it is done in an understated and attractive way. We think teachers would be proud to where this sweatshirt in school or even in the grocery store!

Buy it: Personalized Rainbow Sweatshirt/Fleece at Etsy

10. Personalized Whistle

Two whistles a gold and a silver one have personalization engraved on them.

Sometimes the teachers that teach specials like wellness or music can easily get overlooked during the holiday gifting season. Let your favorite PE teacher know how much you appreciate them by gifting them a personalized whistle!

Buy it: Personalized Whistle at Amazon

11. Personalized Whiteboard Eraser

A bag is tied with a nice ribbon and in it is a whiteboard eraser and two Expo markers. (personalized teacher gifts)

Whiteboards get used frequently during the school day so this personalized eraser will make for a perfect gift for just about any teacher. We especially love that no one will be able to steal it since it’s officially branded!

Buy it: Personalized Whiteboard Eraser Gift Set at Etsy

12. Personalized Flair Sticker

A few stickers are shown that look like pens with a teacher's name on top of it.

These stickers are undeniably cute and just had to be included in our list of personalized teacher gifts. While you can take our word for it, why not take the word of an actual teacher who said, “I love my new Flair sticker!! It looks so cute on my teacher planner!”

Buy it: Personalized Flair Pen Sticker at Etsy

13. Personalized Labels

three rolls of labels say This Belongs To and then teachers' names.

Teachers tend to be among the most organized people we know, so why not help them keep things nice and tidy with these adorable personalized labels. Since gifts like mugs and ornaments can pile up at home for a teacher, a useful yet still thoughtful one like this one will be sure to stand out in a crowd.

Buy it: This Belongs to Labels at Etsy

14. Desk Organizer

A wooden desk organizer says Mrs. Medina (personalized teacher gifts)

This personalized wooden box would work equally well as a planter or a desk organizer. This thoughtful gift will surely bring a smile to your favorite teacher’s face.

Buy it: Personalized Desk Organizer/Planter at Etsy

15. Personalized Scissors

three sets of scissors have names engraved on them.

Regardless of the borrower’s best intentions, we bet that items like scissors, staplers, and other supplies often get “lost” when lent to other teachers or students. Gift your teacher a personalized pair or two of scissors so that will never happen again!

Buy it: Custom Engraved Scissors at Etsy

16. Personalized Teacher Stamp

Several different personalized teacher stamps are shown on a pad of paper (personalized teacher gifts)

Teachers probably spend more money on stickers annually than any other group of consumers so they will be thrilled to have a personalized stamp to use instead. Before wrapping it, throw in a few different-colored ink pads as well!

Buy it: Teacher Stamper at Etsy

17. Personalized Door Sign

A wooden sign says Welcome to Our Classroom Mrs. Auroka

We love this gift idea especially for first-year teachers. We can’t think of anything more welcoming to students and visitors than this sweet sign.

Buy it: Personalized Teacher Sign for Classroom at Amazon

18. Personalized Socks

Feet are shown wearing white socks with crayons on them and pencils that have a teacher's name on them.

Give your teacher something they can wear on Silly Sock Day at school. Equally funny and practical, this gift will keep your teacher’s feet warm while bringing a smile to their face.

Buy it: Personalized Teacher Socks at Personalization Mall

19. Personalized Candy Jar

A glass candy jar has a wreath with a letter M in it. It says Miller underneath.

We love that this holiday jar can be used in the classroom and also in a teacher’s home. Teachers can use it to fill with buttons or tickets for good behavior, then when filled, a prize can be awarded.

Buy it: Personalized Watercolor Wreath Candy Jar at Personalization Mall

20. Personalized Pen and Pencil Holder

A clear glass pencil and pen holder has an apple silhouette and the name Mrs. Campbell

Seasoned teachers likely already own several pen and pencil holders, but this one has to be the prettiest we’ve seen. Since it is so special, we think your teacher might want to use it to house their favorite pens that they don’t want to lend out.

Buy it: Personalized Pencil Holder at Personalization Mall

21. Fleece Throw

A gray fleece blanket is shown on a chair. It has a small red apple and black wording that says Mrs. Bailey.

Regardless of what your profession is, everyone could use another cozy throw blanket. This would make an especially great gift for teachers who also coach or attend those chilly fall sporting events. We also love the variety of options for blanket colors and fonts.

Buy it: Personalized Fleece Throw at Etsy

22. Teacher Necklace

A silver necklace with a compass on it is on a cardboard backing that is also a thank you note (personalized teacher gifts)

Unlike other teacher necklaces on the market, this one is understated and tasteful enough to be worn with almost any outfit. Some personalized teacher gifts are practical, but this one is 100 percent sentimental, and we just love that.

Buy it: Personalized Teacher Necklace at Etsy

23. Bookmark

A silver bookmark says Thank you for being part of my story and is personalized with the teacher and student's names.

We think this would be a perfect gift for your school’s librarian or really any teacher that loves to read. Unlike a normal bookmark, this one will serve as a happy reminder of a beloved student.

Buy it: Personalized Bookmark at Etsy

24. Personalized Tumbler

4 water bottles in red, orange, pink, and green are shown with names engraved on them (personalized teacher gifts)

We love that these water bottles, which have rave reviews, come in a variety of options so you can customize them to suit your favorite teacher’s personality. Regardless of whether your teacher likes to stay hydrated with water or motivated with coffee, these bottles offer 24 hours of cold or 8 hours of hot liquids.

Buy it: Personalized Water Bottle at Etsy

25. Personalized Coaster

4 resin coasters are shown with crayons and paper clips inside them. Some have names on them.

These coasters are just oh-so unique while also serving a necessary function of protecting your favorite table or desk. They will undoubtedly be a conversation piece wherever they are found!

Buy it: Personalized Teacher Coaster at Etsy

26. Custom Portrait Stamp

The steps for creating a custom stamp are shown with a stamp of a face.

While it might be tricky to get your hands on a picture of your teacher, it will be totally worth it to surprise them with this quirky gift. As far as personalized teacher gifts go, it doesn’t get much more personal than a stamp with your teacher’s face on it!

Buy it: Custom Stamp at Etsy

27. Personalized Laptop Bag

Teachers have to lug their laptops back and forth from home to school and likely wear out their computer bags quickly. This sturdy bag will make for a practical gift that you can really personalize since it comes in a variety of colors and monogram options.

Buy it: Monogrammed Computer Bag at Amazon

28. Custom Pencils

Several different colored pencils say Custom Pencils on them to show where engraving would go (personalized teacher gifts)

Let’s face it, teachers go through a lot of pencils in a year. Since students often lose their pencils, some teachers are resorting to a year-long pencil challenge where students are tasked with keeping track of their pencil for a whole school year. At the end of the year, the students who still have their original pencils are awarded prizes. Why not gift your teacher with a set of custom pencils with their name on them that they can use for just such a challenge?

Buy it: Engraved Pencils at Etsy

29. Teacher Apple

A wooden apple is engraved with a thank you note to a teacher. It has a red puzzle piece on it that has a teacher's name on it.

Instead of gifting your teacher an actual apple like in the old days, gift them this beautiful, customizable wooden apple. While it doesn’t serve a practical function, it sure does look pretty on a shelf!

Buy it: Engraved Teacher Appreciation Apple at Etsy

30. Personalized Pen Set

A wooden case has engraving on it and a nice pen is inside it (personalized teacher gifts)

This gift set is advertised as a gift for a professor but would work equally well for a teacher at any level. While a pen isn’t the most original of personalized teacher gifts, it is practical. This one is made extra special thanks to the personalized note you can include on the case.

Buy it: Wooden Pen Set at Etsy

31. Personalized Travel Case

A small leather case has a flower and a name on the front. The inside has compartments for jewelry.

We can’t think of any jewelry lover that wouldn’t go gaga over this sweet, personalized travel jewelry case. We especially love the added layer of personalization that the birth flower selection adds. The color choices are plentiful too!

Buy it: Birth Flower Travel Jewelry Case at Etsy

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