5 Lead Nurturing Strategies that will Give you Results

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Sometimes even the most dedicated research might not get you the results that you’d expect. Lead generation and nurturing in Malaysia and other leading nations remains a significant challenge for businesses across the board. Lead nurturing requires consistent effort and freshness, but you can only go so long before you start getting tired.

Furthermore, B2B marketing personnel can often get frustrated with the lack of results from their lead gen strategies. If you are close to that point now, it’s time to understand and implement these lead nurturing techniques that are almost guaranteed to give results.

B2B Lead Generation and Nurturing Strategies That Drive Results:

Categorize Your Leads:

Recognizing and defining your leads is the first step. Some strategies work on certain types of leads only. You cannot maintain or nurture every lead using the same skill set or methods as the rest. However, you can understand the type of leads you are dealing with and categorize them. This way, you will know which strategy to use with which lead. There are five broad categories under that you can utilize to bucket your leads:

– Non-qualified leads

– Action qualified leads

– Sales qualified leads

– Sales accepted leads

– Marketing qualified leads

Use Technology to Advance Your Leading Nurturing Strategies:

Technology is a fundamental component of every industry today. It is one of the pillars of modern society. Recognizing and exploring the different ways in which technology can improve your business is mandatory for marketing and business success. Several digital automated can help you as you try to generate and maintain leads. The three technologies you should start exploring today are:

– Advanced IP research tech

– Marketing process workflows

– Auto-nurture mailer programs

Know Your Priorities:

Several B2B strategy experts might have told you that you can’t expect your leads to know what they are looking for and don’t see the difference between generalized and targeted messages you send them. The truth is quite the opposite. A prospective lead will almost certainly bounce if they feel the messaging they see is generalized or not what they want.

You can avoid this lead churn if you adopt a ‘prospect first’ mentality; this means that you should:

– Let prospects choose whether they want to see your communication or not

– Let prospects decide the pace of your relationship

– Prioritise their needs over things you feel are right

Investigate and Understand Your Prospective Leads Every Time:

It’s almost impossible to know all there is about prospective leads before contacting them. While learning about a potential prospect beforehand is not a business requirement, it’s a substantial advantage that will set you apart from your competitors merely trying to sell them a solution.

Evaluate the business, the stage of growth it is currently in, growth plans, objectives for lead generation in Malaysia, any gaps in their strategies, etc. A significant portion of this data is possible to find online with a bit of targeted searching. Below are some of the proven leading ways of investigating prospects before taking them on. You can add, merge or remove any of these for best results:                                                               

– Check out their visitors

– Go through their website analytics

– PURL’s

– Conduct general company search online

– Track your progress and research throughout your journey

Playing Safe Makes You Predictable:

Sitting at your desk and copy-pasting one strategy for every project is not going to work. Using the same business plan for every project makes you predictable and makes you seem like a one-trick pony. Clients might find your methods unimaginative or overused with time. Additionally, as mentioned before, all leads are different. Therefore, the same strategy you use to play safe all the time might backfire.

According to ResearchPapers.uk expert Tom Dudley, “Different types of leads and even similar leads will often have vastly different inner workings and moving parts which cannot all be exploited and maintained by one singular strategy.” We no longer live in a world where brands can share one experience at different stages of their journey. Keep your surprises and tricks ready before you go ahead and implement your strategy.

B2B demand generation in Malaysia seems to get more complicated every year. But the simple truth is that technology is constantly evolving. Your marketing and lead generation strategies must also evolve to keep up with the changing times. Consistent change is the only way to get tangible results.

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