6 ACNH Items You Can Not Get In Animal Crossing New Horizons[July 2023]

When you’ve been exploring in or around your island, you may have noticed some interesting objects that look super cool but you’ve never actually seen them as items that you can get a hold of for yourself in Animal Crossing New Horizons. There are actually a ton of different objects in the game especially in certain buildings which you simply cannot get your hands on all of these different objects would honestly make cool different items. In this guide, we are going to talk about the ACNH items we can not get in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

1. Harvey’s Fence

Harvey’s fence is an incredibly iconic item for the Animal Crossing community because it’s probably one of the most desired items that you can’t really get, but a lot of players really want. So much so that people actually hacked it into their islands and it was a pretty common thing back in the early days of the game before Nintendo called on and patched that. Tons and tons of people actually had Harvey’s fence around their island, but of course, there was no official way to get it for yourself which was honestly such a shame because it is such a great and such a cute little fence. The question is could Nintendo ever actually add this to the game, so players can get it for themselves? It just goes to show that this fence actually could easily be turned into a  physical item that players could get and craft as well. 

2. Nook’s Cranny Watering Can

During the spring season, you can see these adorable little watering cans outside and inside of nook’s cranny containing flowers. They are such simple little objects but they really make the store look a lot nicer, especially for the springtime. There honestly aren’t enough ways to display flowers in the games and add more greenery would be absolutely fantastic. However, there are so many different plants that you actually can’t get.

3. Flowers

As you know Isabelle gives announcements every single day on your island. The announcements take place in the residential services building. This building is notorious for having unobtainable items in this game. During the morning announcements, you will see the potted plant with some flowers inside of it. This item is so cute, it incorporates the flowers from the actual game. There are several different variations of flowers on Isabelle’s desk, and this item would be so popular if we were able to use it on our islands. This item can also work as a DIY where you had to get three of one flower and maybe some clay and then you would be able to craft it.

4. Sables Wicker Baskets 

These sable’s wicker baskets would be perfect items for us to have. We could either have them as the stack or we could just have them separately with the cardboard box item which is a similar size, you’d probably be able to stack them on top of each other anyways.

5. Museum Foliage

Technically these aren’t actual items that we could get and display around our houses or outdoors, but they could actually be new types of plants that we could plant around the island. There are a ton of different plants, flowers, trees all kinds of things around the museum, especially in the bug exhibit which we currently cannot get. Therefore, definitely need to see some of this foliage get turned into actual things that we can get for ourselves within Animal Crossing New Horizons.

6. The Nook Stop Slash ABD Machine

This item would perhaps be the most convenient one. Backin Animal Crossing New Leaf, if you saved up enough ACNH bells with the post office, you could actually get sent a very special abd machine which would work exactly like the one you could access there. It would allow you to save up and deposit money from home or pay off loans from home. In Animal Crossing New Horizons,  this machine has a lot more functionality, since it lets you do other things like summon an amiibo and also redeem nook miles for different items. It’d be super convenient to have this item as one of the really high tier rewards maybe for saving up enough money with the bank of the nook. So that you could actually get a portable version in your own home or something that you could put around the island wherever you needed.

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