6 Advance SEO Techniques to Use in 2021 | Tips for SEO

6 Advance SEO Techniques to Use in 2021 | Tips for SEO

SEO is one of the cost-effective marketing strategies because it directly targets users who are interested in your product or service.

Are you finding that you are not getting any results by doing SEO? It’s just because you are using all the same tactics which everyone has already done to gain results for their websites. So here are some new case study help service and advanced SEO techniques that you probably have not heard of before.

7 Advanced SEO Techniques To Use In 2021 | Neil Patel

Gets another user

Everyone thinks that SEO is just about on-page off-page and link building. But here is the thing; Google wants to rank what’s best for the users. The way you going to know that what’s best for the user is to do surveys. Using tools like survey monkey and hot jar, you can easily find out what your users love and what they don’t. By adapting your content, your services, or your product, you will know about their interest. That is also called user mat6rix which includes 

  • Time on sites
  • Bounce rate 
  • Page view per visitor
  • Loads time

Leverage Scheme of Markup

All those reviews and star rating when you see doing research that’s called a scheme of markup, for using WordPress you can even check out the Yoast SEO plugins with just a few simple clicks. It is super easy and in that way, you don’t have to learn a single thing about coding.

Expand Your Most Popular Pages

Content marketing is so much hard-working and time is taken according to online professional writers, creating lots of service pages, web pages, content pages, and some getting tons of traffic and others don’t. So the best thing you do is to expand your most popular pages. For instance, if you have 3000 words blog post, take that blog keyword and add in the different keyword search platforms. So in that case you would probably have more than ten thousand word content instead of three thousand words.

Sent Link Juice to Lower Rank Pages

Some pages naturally do well and some that are don’t do well. The ones which don’t do well like Prolynxs try to get them up and go to all other pages which are doing well and internal links to the ones that aren’t and see that it helps boost them up. 


The advanced animated infographic is one of the important key factors that you should be due in 2021. Like you may see that the car pages infographic. They are much more attractive than others because they are animated. It’s much more getting viral than matlab assignment help UK and you getting way more backlinks on your website. The guy who created the car engine infographic tells that people were in love when I release it and gave a million views.

Round-Up Post

The reason the round-up post is really good and knows no one does it better. By email, different experts, not only they will share your article but also can get thousands of backlinks to your article and promote it for the long term, all those links from social share getting more traffic and getting more natural backlinks. 


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  • Babiesandbeyond
    April 13, 2021, 11:19 am

    These SEO techniques are really best they help me to rank sites in the top 3.

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    April 20, 2021, 9:55 am

    You gave us useful SEO tips that will help the SEO experts for the purpose of ranking of the website. Try to post more blogs on SEO.

  • electronic repairing
    April 20, 2021, 9:55 am

    For good SEO, these strategies will help a lot. Keep posting.

  • interior designers
    April 20, 2021, 9:55 am

    Please describe more about the round-up post. I am thankful to you.

  • Munchkinpot
    April 20, 2021, 9:56 am

    Your post is really informative and innovative. I want to see more blogs from you.


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