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6 Best SEO Practice to Avoid Google Penalties In 2021

A penalty is something which you want to avoid from your whole life, but sometimes it may occur in front of you, and it would be in any face, maybe it is from Google this time. Google gets caught you breaking the search engine rules and now want to punish you as you do crime in the eyes of Google. Also maybe you will go to lose all your effort and hard work which you did up till now for capstone project writing help service your website ranking for years.

Try to avoid giving chances to your competitor and losing search traffic, and follow these ways to avoid unnecessary penalties from Google.

How Google Algorithm Updates Can Get You Blacklisted | Avoid These 3 SEO Mistakes!

Don’t Buy Link

If you think you can buy a link and make your website stronger, then this is your mistake. Google never ignore your blunder and get caught for sure. Never trust those sites that sell links then they may have a lot of flashy jargon. Don’t be fool by these catchy companies, you will catch them eventually, and then you have to pay for this.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is surely not being possible. Google has been actively against and penalizing websites for years. Moreover, the Google BERT algorithm proves that the search engines can now optimize novel writing service UK content as well. That’s why search engine knows very well when content doesn’t flow or doesn’t pass the required format of the test and it can easily put a penalty on you. 

Cloaking Pages

When you try to build two verui0on of one article, it means you can do spam on SEO that may you think you can generate one for search engine and one for your human audience. This is surely called black hat SEO and some of company and experts try to use this kind of SEO to gain inorganic traffic for their website. So avoid doing these kinds of activities which will affect your website and put you down.

Avoid Laziness to Avoid Your Content

Emphasizes try to make your unique content with OBU thesis help; don’t try to write plagiarized and spun content. Google is strictly against plagiarism because it provides no value to its users. If Google finds out that you copy-paste from the other site then do not expect from Google that it leaves you without penalty. 

Never Hide Content

Google doesn’t like it when you hide any content. Google by default sometimes can focus on transparency, so don’t try to trick them by hiding your content ever. Many of the SEO experts think that they may hide their content, like their background or their page color or any other page content, and when Google recognizes this it gives them a heavy penalty.     

Spam Comments

This mistake is very common and we usually see on a different website like writing yard that, many of us irrelevant comments with unnecessary links in the comment sections. This technique considers an s black hat SEO and goggle don’t like this kind of spamming comments on its platform. Maybe sometimes it is useful for your website traffic but try to avoid doing this kind of activity for the long term. 


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