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6 Key Reasons that make Adopting Cloud Telephony Important for Businesses

Over the years, the Indian start-up landscape has witnessed immense growth and India has become a breeding ground for start-ups. From food delivery services to cab companies to eCommerce, these businesses are rampantly growing. But in this competitive business environment, adopting technological products & services to manage the day-to-day operations & provide exceptional customer services makes all the difference. One of those utmost crucial technological solutions that a start-up must implement is the cloud telephony system.

Cloud Telephony is where the voice & SMS services are managed in a cloud-based system. Being significantly cost-effective, this service does not require any physical infrastructure either. It can easily scale-up for a growing business and cater to its customer needs quickly & effectively.

Below are the reasons that make adopting cloud telephony important for businesses:

Cost Saving

When compared to a traditional hardware-based system, you’ll find out that cloud telephony system curtails the expenses enormously as here you don’t need to set up a physical phone system. No need for a physical set-up means there is no need for maintenance. Therefore, adopting cloud telephony will be really beneficial for businesses looking for ways to reduce their expenses.

Quick & Simple Implementation

As mentioned above, it doesn’t require any hardware installation. This makes the implementation process very quick & simple. In cloud telephony, various phone systems are connected into a network & brought into life. Additionally, if there’s a need for any changes or repair, they can be done distantly without the need to call cloud telephony service provider to your office. This automatically reduces the installation & maintenance cost.

Minimum Downtime

A business organization that offers phone support to its customers can not afford their phone systems to go down even for a few minutes. Not being able to make or receive calls can damage your business’ customer relationships to a great extent. This is where cloud telephony ensures that there’s maximum up-time available. If anything goes wrong, there will be a backup ready so that your services run smoothly.

Effectively Promotes a Business

If there’s any special offer running or a promotional event is coming up, cloud telephony enables you to send bulk messages & voice calls to update your customers. Cloud telephony, along with IVR solution, can easily initiate an SMS or Voice recorded message burst within a few minutes to reach a large number of customers at once.

Improvises Customer Service

It comes with certain features that help a lot in improvising customer service in various ways. It assists in integrating IVR solution to the CRM system. This enables your call center representatives to get all the details of customers & their call history at a single place, which helps them to interact with customers keeping their preferences in mind. Apart from this, the call recording feature of cloud telephony will enable you to listen to the previous conversations took place between customers & representatives. This will help you to improve your interactions as well as the quality of services.

Easy Marketing Campaign Analysis

One of the important features of cloud telephony is call tracking; this feature helps you to link a different phone number to each of your online & offline marketing campaigns, using virtual numbers. Whenever someone dials your virtual number, the call will be automatically forwarded to the main business phone line & will be tracked. This helps businesses to compare which number is generating maximum phone traffic easily and therefore; they can decide which campaign is working best for them.


This system is undoubtedly changing the way a business operates right from making business processes efficient to offering maximum convenience to the customers. So, if you’re a business owner looking for a technology to ramp up your communication processes adopt cloud telephony solution without stopping to think.

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