6 ways to grow e-commerce sale- Increase e-commerce sale

E commerce refers to a buy and selling of goods services by using an internet, includes transaction of money.

Maybe the way you improve your e-commerce site is not the right way to grow your e-commerce market. As we know in 2021 there would be a huge role in e-commerce marketing whether for selling and purchasing for any product. According to case study writing service visitor, 75% of people admit to buying something after seeing it on social media, and likewise, 90% said that they turn on social media for taking help in buying decision making of any product. However, if this happened then why all the time marketers have a much lower return. Here are 7 ways to increase your e-commerce sale organically. 

Focus On Only One Product

Make sure, first just targeted one product for your e-commerce marketing. You don’t need to sell thousands of products at one time. It can reduce your productivity in the business market and also it is not sustainable for your brain to pinpoint all the products under one roof. One effective product is better than 100 unproductive products, believe that you don’t need a lot of product to increase your sale; with just one product you can easily gain a profit of 7 figure or more.

Add Up Sale and Down Sale

It is important because it is more convenient for the customer to buy more from you and spent a little more money on your product. For instance, if you want to sell a t-shirt you should offer your customer, a pack of three t-shirts instead of just one. Doing these simple things will increase your lifetime value in your e-commerce service market.

Focus On Organic Social

The good part is that it is free marketing. There is Facebook advertising likewise Google Ad word, they both work extremely well in e-commerce marketing, it’s a great way to boost your e-commerce sale. Additionally, Instagram is also a great place to start your target market and try to reach more people and engage them with your product.


It is something that you give your customers some kind of appraisal or gift added with your product to satisfy even more from your assignment writing service, to give that great positive exposure for your brand. For instance, if you sell any apple smartwatch to your customer, give them some kind of earbuds or something along with as a gift, so they can attract toward you next time even more.

Optimize Your Checkout Process

There is a company called Baymard who did the study by optimizing everyone checkout process, and guess what they found, by company checkout process they found the companies who gain even more profit than we think. Not in million but billion of profit, so it’s very much essential to optimize your checkout process and for this, you have to first remove the unnecessary field.

Text Message Abandoned Cart

We know the benefit of having messages is far higher, far fast and better than all, in terms of the e-commerce business. Therefore we think that people can open their text messages 80 to 90% in their first 15 min of receiving any kind of product just to ensure customer service or that everything must be cleared, so as email the open rate for a lifetime is about 20 to 30%. Imagine how different is in terms of doing e-commerce business concerning message abandoned cart.

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