7 Tips to Increase Height in Children

A child’s height can be a cause of concern for parents. 

Yes, from the day a child is born parents are thoughtful about their development and growth. A child’s height is generally a visible and easiest parameter to measure its growth and development.

Every child grows at its own pace. The extent of development though greatly varies among children. Some children possess good height that keeps on increasing with time. However, sometimes a child may experience problems growing up. This can affect a child’s confidence. 

I remember in our childhood, my sister had a problem with growing height. Then my aunt took her to the best child specialist in Lahore  for a consultation who gave her the supplements and advised some physical activities that made her height growth. 

But medications are not the only solution. Many other tips can help your child grow at a good pace and to have a good height. Many things determine a child’s height. Here are the factors that can impact a child’s height:

  • Genetics (your DNA is 80% responsible for your height)
  • Nutritional 
  • Hormonal changes in your body
  • Medical conditions

Despite your genetics, other factors are also responsible for your child’s growth. Let’s know more about what you can do to increase your baby’s height.

Tips to Increase Height in Children

You don’t need to worry about your baby’s height if your child has just entered the growing phase. Here are some of the best tips that can help to increase your child’s height.

1- Give them the nutrition they need

Good nutrition is one of the first things that is crucial for your baby’s height. 

The presence of essential nutrients in the diet can help to increase height in children. Make sure to give enough of all the nutrients. A diet rich in essential minerals and vitamins is the key to optimal growth in children. Calcium, zinc, and potassium are some of the important nutrients impacting a child’s growth. Zinc is especially important for development in children.

Even when your baby is a picky eater, make sure to come up with ways to deal with them and add more and more nutrients to the child’s diet.

2- Indulge in stretching exercises

Just like other things, stretching exercises have a great impact on your child’s growth. These exercises, even the simpler ones, can help your baby grow well by facilitating the process of growth in the body. 

Stretching exercises also increase flexibility and are known to improve body posture in children. Ask your child to do these at home or you can enrol them in some physical activity program.

3- Work on immunity

As discussed earlier, certain medical conditions have a strong impact on a child’s height and can result in stopping their growth. So, children need to have a stronger infection to fight off these infections and develop a healthy body. So, make sure to add all the healthy nutrients to your baby’s diet to promote their growth and height.

Add more and more vitamin C-rich products to their diet and incorporate a lot of healthy foods into their diet. Further, focus on their hygiene to minimize the risk of potential problems.

4- Skipping

Skipping is a fun exercise. Other than this, skipping can help to increase the height of children. Skipping has a great impact on all the impacts of your child’s health. This stretches the muscles in your whole body and is known to support vertical growth in children. This amazing cardio will keep your child going and growing.

5- Swimming

Next among the ways to increase height in children comes the role of swimming. Swimming is an enjoyable habit that is crucial for the overall health of your child. It engages most of the muscles in your body and can even strengthen your spine. Besides right postural adjustment, swimming helps your children lose any body fat present in their bodies. So, swimming classes in the summers can be a good way to promote the overall health of your child.

6- Sunlight exposure

Sunlight exposure is good for your children. Sunlight contains vitamin D which is an important vitamin your body needs. Vitamin D helps your body absorb the calcium it gets through the diet. So make sure your child spends time enjoying the sunlight by engaging in outdoor physical activities. 

7- Consult your doctor

All these tips alongside jogging and hanging can help to increase height in children. However, if your child’s height is not growing well it is better to talk to your physician to rule out any medical cause behind the problem. A physician can prescribe you supplements or physical activities that can help your children grow.

Bottom Line!

A child’s height can be a cause of concern for parents if they are experiencing a problem with growth. However, following a good diet and proper physical activity can help to increase a child’s height.

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