8 Essential Tips For Parents Before Sending Their Child To Nursery School

Sending their child to school is a daunting experience for most parents. Nursery school is the first step of your kids from their home to a new setting. As a parent, you need to prepare your child for attending nursery school in Abu Dhabi. But you also need to update some of your skills to ensure that your child is having a meaningful experience at their nursery school. Browse through some of the ways here:

8 Important tips before taking admission in Nursery School

1.    Visit The School Premises

Before kids begin their school year, parents are often invited for a school tour. You should take out some time for the school tour and understand what facilities will be provided to your child. Apart from the classrooms, you should also check out the playground, cafeteria and other places inside the school premises.

2.    Read Good Books

Before sending your child to schools in Abudhabi, you can read a few books about starting school. They can help you understand how your child might be feeling. It will also acquaint you with tips to ease back-to-school jitters.

3.    Talk To Your Child About Schools In Abu Dhabi

You should strike up a conversation with a child regarding what they can expect at school. Let them know about the disciplinary measures of the school. Tell your child how they will make new friends at school, and they will have to cooperate with them. You should also let your kids know that if they face issues at school, they can talk about it safely at home.

4.    Practice Some Basic Skills

When your child starts going to a nursery school in Abu Dhabi, you also fall into a new routine. You need to get up at a specific hour and make your kid ready for school. Help them take a shower and get ready to have a good day of learning at school. You should dress up your child in an appropriate school uniform and prepare breakfast for them.

Don’t send your kids to school without making them eat a healthy breakfast. Otherwise, they will have trouble concentrating in classes. Be punctual about school timing and perform your morning chores accordingly. You can stick a printed routine on your wall about daily chores and follow it from night to day.

5.    Rehearse Self-Help Skills

You are always there to help your kids with day-to-day activities at home. But when you are sending them to school, your kid will be expected to do some basic practices on their own. You should rehearse some self-help skills with your child before sending them to school. They should learn how to dress and undress.

You should also teach your kids how to wash hands and have lunch on their own. Knowing some basic life skills will make your kid feel more confident at school.

6.    Build A Portable Photo Album

You can’t be present with your kid inside the school. But your kid will be able to carry a photo album with them. When your kids have your photos with them, they will feel safe inside the school premises. The process of making a portable photo album can also help in developing a bond between you and your kid. You can look for small photo albums at any dollar store near you.

7.    Ask Your Kid What They Want To Carry For Lunch

Your kid should have a healthy meal during their school lunch. Ask your kid what they want to take to school for lunch. You can take your kid with you to buy ingredients for preparing the lunch. Ask your kid to help you out while you prepare their lunch in the kitchen. It will help in creating a sense of responsibility within your kid. Teach your kid to share lunch with their friends as it helps in strengthening their bond.

8.    Take Your Kid To Shop For Nursery School In Abu Dhabi

Before sending your kid to nursery school, you should take them shopping. When they get new school supplies, it will help in growing their interest in studying. You might think that you will have to buy some expensive school supplies for your kid. The cost of their backpack or stationary doesn’t matter. But shopping for school can make your kid more excited about attending the classes. You should also buy appropriate uniforms for your kid before sending them to school. You will have to ensure that the uniforms fit them well and your kid looks ready for school.

Ending Note

The nursery schools in Abu Dhabi will prepare your kid for the real world. They will be able to develop their reading and writing skills along with their basic life skills. You should be focused on ensuring that your kid is having a positive learning experience at school.

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