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A Guide To Buying Silent Blenders

In kitchen appliances, blenders may not be the most exciting of products. But they can still make a lot of noise while running. Fortunately, some Top Smoothie Makers are more silent compared to older ones. If you’ve never used a silent blender before, it’s time to make the switch. They’re so quiet that someone might have to check the blender to see if it’s still running. If you want to enjoy blending without disrupting your neighbors or housemates, these are the blenders for you. This post will address various aspects that you should know about silent blenders.


Primary Aspects To Consider While Buying A Silent Blender:

There are several factors to consider while buying a silent blender. These include the motor power, the material used in making the jar, the decibel rating, and its warranty.

Motor Power:

The motor power is measured in watts and is essential when buying a silent blender. A high-powered motor can handle tough tasks like crushing ice and blending frozen fruits effortlessly and silently. However, it may cost more than low-powered models.

Material Used in Making Jar:

To choose the best blender for you, you need to know the material used in making its jar. These materials include glass, plastic, and stainless steel. Glass jars are usually heavier but absorb more noise than other models with plastic or stainless steel jars. On the other hand, plastic jars are lightweight but may get easily damaged if dropped accidentally on hard surfaces like tiles or marble flooring. On the other hand, stainless steel jars are heavy-duty and durable, but they do not look good compared to glass ones because of their dull appearance, and besides, steel reflects more sounds; hence they are noisy!


Always look for models that come with reasonable warranty periods. A 1-year warranty should be enough for most people but if you want more coverage on the product, then go for 2 or 3 years of warranty on all parts of the product, including the motor and jars, etc.

Low Noise Levels:

One of the significant contributors to a blender’s noise is its motor. Top Smoothie Makers can make smoothies at high speeds without causing any noise. If you want this type of blender, you must go for one with a motor with a low decibel

You also need to look out for a blender that has a strong base. This will help reduce vibrations and, thus, make sure that the machine runs smoothly without causing any noise.


How To Reduce The Noise Level Of Your Current Blender?

If your blender makes a lot of noise, it can be annoying. The good news is that you can reduce the noise of your blender and make it work better simultaneously! The trick is to use your high-speed blender at a lower power setting. Higher speeds cause the motor to work more, leading to more noise. Lowering the speed can reduce the load on the motor and, in turn, reduce noise.


Final Thoughts:

A silent blender is an answer if you love tasty, healthy smoothies but hate the noise. There are some expensive, quiet blenders on the market today, but you can also buy a cheaper silent blender for half the price of others.


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