A Guide to Know More About Immigration/Moving To USA

Immigration to USA

One must meticulously plan their stay or future with family living in the USA. The most challenging part of obtaining a Green Card has already been completed, and you are now preparing to relocate. You might be wondering what to bring with you or which documents you’ll need to translate into English; with our tips and tactics, you’ll be more than ready!

As part of the admission process into the United States, you must present appropriate travel documents. The documents you’ll require and whether your passport must be valid for at least six months after your trip dates are determined by the country from which you’re arriving and your citizenship or status.

Types of Immigration Visa to USA

A immigration visa is required for every person who is not a citizen of the US. They need a visa for entering into the country legally. Thus, the visa can be immigrant or non-immigrant. Such visas can also be extended if you want. However, immigration to the USA visa is essential to enter the country.

Only business people, skilled workers, students, and tourists are allowed to use the non-immigrant visas. They are the ones who also wanted to stay in the USA mostly for a limited time period. Hence, they visit the US for a temporary stay. Thus, they must tell the non-immigrant visa officer about their temporary stay and other details. Moreover, below are some most common types of immigration visas to the USA.

  • Tourists or business Visa

In this type of visa, there are two more types under the tourists or business visa. One is a B-1 visa for business, and the second is B-2 for medical treatment. The two types of visas are frequently combined and issued single documents.

You must demonstrate to the consular officer that your stay in the United States is temporary and that you have the finances to meet your expenses while there. Proof of residence outside the United States is also required. Hence, you are not allowed to work while on tourists or business visa.

  • Work Visa

Work visas for the United States are only valid for a limited period of time. As a result, they only allow the bearer to work in the United States for a short time. Business visits or assignments to the United States are examples of temporary work. You must apply for an immigrant visa to live and work permanently in the United States of America (Green Card).

  • Student Visa

The institution or program must accept international students before studying in the United States. They will be given the appropriate permission paperwork to submit with their Student Visa application once accepted. Students have 120 days from the start date of their I-20 to apply for a visa, and they have 30 days from the start date of their I-20 to travel.

  • USA Family Visa

An immigrant visa is required for a foreign national who wishes to live permanently in the United States (IV). To be eligible for an IV, a foreign citizen must be sponsored by a close relative who is either a U.S. citizen or a U.S. Lawful Permanent Resident and is at least 21 years old (that is, a green-card holder). These visas are for special, longer-distance familial links with a US Citizen and some specific relationships with an LPR (LPR). Every year there is an increase in the number of immigrants.

  • US Spouse Visa

The spouse visa explains that a citizen living in the USA and wants their foreign spouse to live in the US, and then this visa is required. Thus, they must file an immigration petition under the Alien Relative Form I-130. Also, one must be sure that the spouse is married to a US citizen before applying for the spouse visa. Also, you must carry all the essential documents that give proof of your relationship with a US citizen. Once everything is approved, wait for the immigration process.

Eligibility Criteria for Family-Based Immigration in the USA

The family preference system makes a limited number of visas accessible each year. In the family preference system, prospective immigrants must satisfy specific age and financial standards, and petitioners must fulfill certain age and financial requirements. The eligibility criteria include:

  • Spouse of a US citizen
  • Parents of US citizen
  • Skilled workers

Documents Required For Immigration to USA

  • Proof of age
  • A proof of your relation with the notable US citizen
  • Application form
  • Fees
  • Passport
  • Photographs
  • Medical examination certificate

Application Process for Family-Based Immigration to USA

Step 1: The first step is to submit a petition for the lawful procedure to get an immigration visa to the US.

Step 2: Once approved, your petition will go to the National Visa Center for processing.

Step 3: Pay your fees while filling the application form.

Step 4: Collect all the essential documents such as an affidavit of support, financial records, and civil documents.

Step 5: Submit all the documents and prepare for an interview once approved.

For many people from all over the world, moving to America is still a tremendously thrilling proposition.

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