A Titanic expert says it’s ‘incredible’ to him that the Titanic ‘still has the power to claim lives today,’ a century after her sinking

A Titanic historian says it’s “incredible” that the Titanic is still claiming new lives long after her sinking over a century ago.

“It’s incredible that 111 years after the Titanic herself claimed 1,500 lives on 15 April 1912, that recently the Titanic has claimed another five souls in this new catastrophe,” British historian and television presenter Tim Maltin told Insider. Five people died this week when the Titan tourist submersible imploded underwater on its way to see the shipwreck.

Maltin believes that the Titanic’s timeless appeal stems from humankind’s long-running fascination with tragedies since the “ancient Greek and ancient Roman times.”

“Tragedies are about mankind trying their best, but the gods always being stronger and playing with man,” Maltin said.