All you Need To Know About ChartLogic EMR Software

ChartLogic EMR

ChartLogic EHR Suite is an outpatient EHR system that includes revenue cycle management (RCM), digital health records (EHR) systems, practice management (PM), e-prescribing (e-Rx), and a client portal.

Many elements and functionalities of ChartLogic EHR Software help to simplify procedures. With the chart logic ‘Template Builder,’ doctors can design and maintain templates. The incorporated ‘PrecisionVoice’ technology allows doctors to chart quickly and effectively via voice dictation. Doctors could chart digitally using a comprehensive collection of specialty-specific terminology, templates, macros, SmartFields, and other configurable tools to complete a single client record in 90 seconds or less. Clinicians can also use the ePrescribe (e-Rx) functionality to write prescriptions digitally.

ChartLogic EMR System allows you to view a whole client note on one screen, avoiding the requirement to keep clicking to find drop boxes or pop-up webpages. Everything is available from this screen, from health records to diagnostic codes to referral reply letters, making it easy for clinicians to prepare a full report. ChartLogic EHR can link with numerous laboratories around the country, enabling customers to send labs and get results electronically, streamlining the lab procedure. In this piece, we are going to talk about the top ChartLogic EMR features as well as its reviews and pricing.

Top ChartLogic EMR Features

Easy to Use software 

Using a To-Do List to Help Sustain your concentration. Because it is the part of an EHR application that you will interact with the most, the interface would be the first thing you see. As a result, having a strong dashboard element in any application is essential, and ChartLogic, fortunately, meets this requirement. The dashboard allows you to quickly navigate through the capabilities of ChartLogic EHR and view your schedule, clinical records, and more all in one place. Altogether, the ChartLogic dashboard is very user-friendly. It is much simpler to handle tasks and make progress when you have a to-do list next to you.

ChartLogic, on the other hand, makes this much easier because it contains a fantastic charting feature that enables you to see your schedule and organize your day. You must begin focusing on the planned activities that demand your attention with the next urgent duty; you could check your schedule to see how your week will progress. Running a small ambulatory clinic needs efficiency, and a well-organized to-do list will help you achieve exactly that!

Medical billing solutions

ChartLogic offers a complete healthcare billing system that encompasses it all from claims processing to follow-ups on rejections and resubmissions. ChartLogic also handles patient payments, sending out two bills and taking calls if the balance isn’t paid. ChartLogic utilizes a staff of trained American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) coding specialists to assure accurate coding. The business also offers a Chart Audit, which identifies any recurring coding issues that have led to wrongful payments or other unjustifiable denials.

One of the most crucial aspects of ChartLogic’s medical billing procedure is the client eligibility check, which guarantees that clients’ insurance policies are not only legitimate, but also that they understand what sort of insurance they have, what the insurance includes, and what solutions will be compensated by the payer. After a thorough investigation, ChartLogic sends the results of the client eligibility check to the clinic 3 days before the client visit.

Electronic Prescriptions

The e-prescription function is without a doubt one of ChartLogic’s best features since it serves both the client and the practitioner. Utilizing this system, you could electronically write prescriptions that your client can pick up at whatever drugstore is most suitable for them. This means that instead of going into your clinic or office, your clients can grab their medication at a pharmacy. With ChartLogic, you can also make safe decisions since the application checks for potentially hazardous drug combinations that you should be aware of. This makes giving medicine easier and safer for everyone concerned. This feature alone, according to some ChartLogic EMR Reviews, is worth ChartLogic EMR pricing. 


ChartLogic’s interoperability feature, which allows you to communicate to other healthcare firms’ systems, is another feature that makes it so pleasurable to use. This stretches your information basis and helps you make better diagnoses and provide better treatment to your patients. Overall, this program is amazing and will help you become a better healthcare worker.

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ChartLogic EMR Reviews

ChartLogic EHR reviews paint a clear image of what the company has in store for you. It explains its major features from the standpoint of its present clientele. The evaluations also point out the flaws and limits of the solution, giving you an unbiased perspective on it. On the plus side, people praise its versatility, user-friendly design, and transparency.

Users applaud ChartLogic EHR for how it integrates its services for a smooth experience, as seen by the reviews. It also automates the whole documentation procedure by tailoring its solutions to the preferences of the customer. However, one of the most common complaints about its services is that it is tough to trade data. As a result, the information becomes locked, causing clinical processes to be hampered.

ChartLogic EMR Pricing

ChartLogic EHR offers a unique price structure that sets it apart from competing healthcare ER software. It is one of the most economical and cost-effective EHR options on the market, as per ChartLogic EHR evaluations. Its unique pricing system also makes it a cost-effective choice, particularly for small businesses.

The system only takes a small amount of monthly revenue or a defined percentage of overall revenue collection. Simply explained, the vendor takes a little percentage of monthly earnings. A practice has nothing to pay for if it makes nothing in a month. Typically, CharLogic EHR pricing ranges from 3% to 6% of monthly sales, with no exceptions.

If you want to know more about the software, you can schedule a Chartlogic EMR demo. That will help you understand the software better and more closely!

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