All you need to know about the immobilizer key

Background to the immobilizer

It all started with car theft being a big problem. The door lock could be forced in just a few seconds, and the ignition lock had to be destroyed with a screwdriver. The automotive industry then decided that this mechanical lock must be supplemented with an electronic (Immobilizer). These started to be used around 1994. And a few years later, this was in all new cars (law on all cars sold in the EU from 1996). As a result, car thefts decreased by up to 80%. However, there was a security risk with this locking system. It was possible to get over the code in the key and copy this to turn off the immobilizer and start the car. A new, more secure key system was developed in response to this in the late 1990s. It became a great success and stealing a car without first pinching the key became next to impossible.

One difference between the first electronic locks and the new ones was that they previously used a fixed code that could be read with the right equipment. The newer ones do not have a fixed code, but the code is unique for each occasion, but the way to calculate the code (algorithm) is always the same. So if both the key and the car know the unique way to calculate the code, the car can be started.

Can anyone make me new car keys?

If you have a car that does not have an immobilizer (older than the 1996 model year), anyone with a key blank (the uncut key blade) and a key cutter can do this for you. Even the shoemaker can make a key for you at a reasonable price if you are fortunate.

It will be more difficult if you have a key with an immobilizer (cars after 1996) because these cars have a double anti-theft system, partly the mechanical lock and partly the electronic immobilizer. The key must first be cut, and then the car must learn to recognize your key. Getting the vehicle to identify the key is the tricky part. To do this requires expensive equipment, so only your branded workshop or a car key specialist like All In One Locksmith can do this for you.

Why is it so expensive to get new car keys compared to other keys?

In part, the key itself is expensive. If you choose an original key, it is usually costly. It is not uncommon for the price you have to pay as a customer to be 75% of the key cost. In part, the software for connecting to the car and inserting the new key in the car’s memory (star lock) is very expensive. Unfortunately, there is no comprehensive technical solution for this. Different makes, car models, and even year models have unique key systems. It is common for the car locksmith Tampa to buy a module for their program for each variant, which becomes costly. In addition to this, there are, of course, labor costs and more. That is usually the small part of the price you pay.

What is the key code for something?

There are two codes for your key, one that tells the person who mills your new key blade what it should look like and a code to unlock the immobilizer. Depending on the car brand, you can get these codes from your brand dealer.

The code that tells you what the key sheet should look like is good to have in a safe place because it is then possible to make a new key from the code if all keys should disappear. This is called making a “key on code.” If you do not have this code, all locks in the car must be replaced, which is very expensive. The second code for unlocking the car’s immobilizer, the knowledgeable auto locksmith Tampa manages without in many situations.

What do I do if I have lost all the keys and do not have the key code?

There are two options:

  • You go to your brand workshop. They break up the car (or at best worship it), remove all previous locks, and insert new ones with new keys. This is very expensive, expect this to cost from SEK 15,000.
  • You visit a knowledgeable car locksmith who worships the car lock and, at the same time, reads the lock code. With the help of this, the locksmith manufactures himself or orders ready-made new keys that fit your car. Expect this to cost a few thousand bucks more than just a regular key change.

Should I invest in cheap keys online?

No, these keys do not work because they have to be cut (can be done by a locksmith with key service), and then the key must be put in the car’s immobilizer, something that only a specialist can do. It is also not possible to buy used keys (on E-bay, for example) and think these will work because car keys can typically only be taught to a car (they cannot be reset).

I have found an online procedure for resynchronizing car keys. Will new keys work if I do this?

No. There are procedures for getting keys that have already been entered in the immobilizer to work again with the central locking. If, for some reason, they have stopped working (for example, in the event of a battery change on specific brands). Sometimes this procedure is also in the instruction manual. However, it does not work for brand new keys.

Can I start my car if the battery in the key is exhausted?

Yes, the battery only controls the central locking system. The part (transponder) that communicates with the immobilizer is driven by the very low current formed in the ignition switch by induction. Central locking and immobilizer are two separate parts.

Is it possible to make car keys remotely?

Unfortunately not. On newer cars, you connect a computer or other device to the car’s service port to access the immobilizer and teach the car the new keys. That can, of course, not be done without the car.

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