Anti-Rust Oils: The Solution for Rust-Free Metals

What is Rust?

. When iron comes in contact with oxygen in the air, it forms iron oxide. Water molecules are able to pass through minute holes in metal, causing it to rust. Rust causes metal to expand, putting enormous strain on the structure. When metal comes into contact with salt, sulphur dioxide, or carbon dioxide, rusting accelerates.

How does rusting take place?

  • It can occur anytime

There isn’t a fixed period of time when rusting can start taking place, it can happen anytime and any day.

  • Warm air has the possibility to absorb more water which makes it more humid. This causes condensation which causes moisture inside the containers and put them at risk of corrosion. Using rust preventive oils can protect the metal from rusting.

How can we prevent rusting?

Some preventive measures can be-

  • Rust Resistant Alloys

Rust-resistant alloys operate as a barrier to rust, assisting in its prevention. Stainless steel and weathering steel are the most common alloys.

  • Galvanization

Galvanization is the process of electroplating or hot-dip galvanising a metal surface with a layer of metallic zinc. The layer acts as a shield, preventing rusting of the metal.

  • Bluing

Organic Coating

paintworks as a cost-effective organic coating to preserve the metal from rusting because it is an oil-based covering of around 15-25 micrometres that resists the passage of water and oxygen.

  • Powder Coating

This procedure includes electrostatically spraying a dry powder onto a clean surface and then heating it. This transforms the powder into a thin coating of 25-125 micrometres thick that inhibits water and oxygen from penetrating.

Zavenir can be an excellent solution to prevent rusting of your metals with the NOX-Rust Liquid. These are Rust Preventive Oil based on Contact Corrosion Inhibition (CCI) Technology, which improves rust protection for parts exposed to high humidity and temperature.

  • They lower Cost Per Component due to very low oil use, lower evaporation losses, enhanced sump life, and quick-drying qualities.
  • They give outdoor protection, protection in an acidic environment, and are even compatible with non-metals, fuels, and other oils/lubricants.
  • They provide good rust protection of about 1 month to 2 years in difficult situations such as high humidity and corrosive atmosphere.

Zavenir is a growing company that manufactures speciality chemicals for metalworking, paint shop, and corrosion protection. Zavenir delivers outstanding solutions as per the global market demands and at affordable prices. The company envisions to evolve into a globally recognized, technology-driven, innovative group of businesses focused on harnessing growth in the range of speciality chemicals with an aim to have products used in every business and household.

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