Are 3 Days Enough To Visit Rishikesh?

are 3 days enough to visit rishikesh

If you are fond of traveling and are planning to go out somewhere, then you can explore these places of Rishikesh.

As soon as the summer season comes, everyone plans to go out. Especially hill stations, because in summer it is not only fun to roam in cool places but also peace of mind.


That’s why names like Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh etc. are definitely included in the list of tourist places of every tourist and the most common places here are Dehradun, Manali etc.


But this time you do not want to explore these places, so you can plan to visit Rishikesh. Rishikesh is a city in the state of Uttarakhand, but it is more beautiful and famous than other cities.


You can comfortably spend a whole month here, but if you are planning a 3 day trip then you must definitely explore these places in Rishikesh.


Explore these places on the First day


Rishikesh is famous for its beauty, mountains and river Ganga. Here people come from far and wide to bathe in the Ganges because there are many good temples here, but on the first day you can go to Rishikesh to visit


  1. The rafting area. Because Rishikesh is very famous among the youth as a holiday destination. (If you are fond of bungee jumping then reach these places)


  1. You can go to Maggie Point, where you will get the full opportunity to do many adventure sports like bungee jumping, rafting.


  1. You will have so much fun here that your whole day will pass comfortably. Apart from this, you can also enjoy a variety of different cuisines here.


Explore these places on the Second day


On the second day in Rishikesh, you can go to see the waterfall here. Because there are many such waterfalls and ghats in Rishikesh, where tourists keep coming and going. So you can also explore


  1. Patna Waterfall
  2. Neer Waterfall
  3. Triveni Ghat.


Along with taking a bath here, you can also experience cool winds, calm atmosphere etc.At the same time, you can see beautiful natural waterfalls while trekking in the hilly roads, surely you will like the valleys here.

So You can choose one trekking from all of them.


1.     Chandrashila Trek

2.     Kunjapuri Temple Trekking

3.     Neelkanth Temple Trekking

4.     Kuari Pass Trek

5.     Trekking in Kota Village


Explore these places on the Third day


On the third day in Rishikesh, you can explore the temple here. Because there are many such temples in Rishikesh, which are not only historical but also very beautiful. You can worship here along with roaming around.


You can go to see

  1. Rishikund
  2. Bharat Mandir
  3. Swarg Ashram
  4. Swarg Ashram
  5. Neelkanth Mahadev Temple etc.


After this, you can head towards the market of Rishikesh. From here you can buy handicrafts and things of your need.


You can visit


  1. Gole Market
  2. Lakshman Jhula Market
  3. Ram Jhula Market
  4. Rishikesh Main Market


How to reach Rishikesh?


To reach Rishikesh you have to come to Haridwar first. You can opt for the railway to Haridwar as it is situated at a distance of about 210 kms from Delhi.


After coming to Haridwar, you can take a bus, train or a taxi till Rishikesh. I would recommend you to book Haridwar taxi service  to reach Rishikesh because they will take you at a reasonable price.


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