Basic Know-how Of Ovulation Calculation, Recognizing Pregnancy Symptoms, Body Changes & Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase. But it involves understanding your partner, the right time to plan, and then the right way to do it.  

Couples trying to conceive may find it difficult to do so if they do not know ovulation calculation. At this stage, an ovulation calculator for pregnancy can prove helpful.  

An Ovulation calculator for pregnancy helps you with your last period date and provides you with a fertile window to try for conception. If you have intercourse during this fertile window, you are most likely to get pregnant.  

Pregnancy Symptoms  

Once you have started using a pregnancy calculator and want to know more about the pregnancy symptoms, these are the signs to look for:  

  • A missed period 

A missed period is the very first sign of conception. It is recommended to wait until the first day of your missed period before proceeding with a home-based pregnancy test. 

  • Implantation bleeding 

This symptom may vary from one woman to another. Some women may experience spotting or light bleeding, commonly known as implantation bleeding. Some women may not experience it at all.  

  • Breast tenderness  

Your breasts may start to get tender or swollen after a conception period of one to two weeks. 

  • Nausea 

Most pregnant women experience nausea or morning sickness with or without vomiting during the first trimester of pregnancy.  

  • Tiredness  

Fatigue, weakness, or tiredness accompanied with other pregnancy symptoms indicate a positive pregnancy.  

  • Aches  

It is common to have headaches and backaches in pregnancy but are usually experienced in the later stages of pregnancy.  

  • Mood Swings and Food Cravings  

These are also the later-stage pregnancy symptoms. The sudden change in hormonal level causes these kinds of symptoms. 

  • Frequent urge to urinate  

It again is experienced in a grown stage of pregnancy. The increased pressure on the bladder may cause frequent urination. 

Other helpful information about getting pregnant 

So, when you know that you have missed your period and you are feeling any of the symptoms mentioned above, it is time to take a pregnancy test.  

Types of pregnancy tests:  

Urine Test 

You can take a urine test for pregnancy either at your home or at a doctor’s clinic.  

For these kinds of tests, you will have to put urine to the pregnancy test stick to know the result by using a dropper or either way. The result display may vary with different pregnancy kits. The most common ones are the color change, showing a pink line or a symbol of plus or minus, or some may display phrases like pregnant or not pregnant. 

Blood Tests 

The basic difference between a urine pregnancy test and a blood test for pregnancy is that the former can be performed at home while the latter is not. 

Blood Test over Urine Test 

  • Can detect pregnancy early as compared to a urine test  
  • More accurate  
  • Cam detect pregnancy complications 
  • Trustworthy as compared to Urine Test 

Post-natal Care  

So, you have calculated your most fertile period and have tried conception as per calculation.  

Now, by God’s grace, you get a positive pregnancy result from it. The time has begun to take extra care of your body and the growing fetus. It may seem challenging in the beginning, but this too shall pass. Below are the pregnancy body changes you may expect during pregnancy:  

Pregnancy Body Changes: What to expect?  

Your body does changes in pregnancy. Pregnancy is the epitome of a woman’s potential. The most common pregnancy changes may involve frequent urges to urination due to increased pressure on the bladder, shortness of breath, acid reflux or nausea, and a lot more. Below are the body parts and the changes that occur during pregnancy: 

  • Breast size and tenderness. 
  • Body temperature tends to change.  
  • Legs & Feet may get swollen due to increased pressure.  
  • Abdomen size and working are affected.  
  • Changes in hair, skin & nails: Skin becomes fragile, hair fall may occur, and nail health is also affected.  
  • Body Weight will increase. 
  • Changes in the respiratory & cardiovascular system.  
  • Changes in the urinary system.  
  • Changes in the musculoskeletal system: may experience pain.  

Pregnancy Care Advice 

 Pregnancy body changes are common to have. The best advice anyone could get on pregnancy is that ‘The perfect way to ace your pregnancy is to stay hydrated, follow a balanced diet, have a healthy lifestyle, stay active and follow the instructions of your doctor.’  


Pregnancy is a time of utmost care. Along with following the advice of your health expert, you can try taking help from pregnancy apps that guide you on the right amount of nutrition and post-natal care. 

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