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Best Practices for Employees Supervision

Installing surveillance equipment in your workplace may give the impression that you do not trust your employees, but there are actually quite a few benefits to doing so. Due to the impossibility of constant workplace observation, monitoring devices are available to keep business owners informed of developments. Customer satisfaction, performance, and output can all benefit from monitoring employees. Various monitoring systems allow an organization to maintain tabs on its staff. If you want to learn more about how to identify instances of employee surveillance, read on.

Listening in on phone calls

As a first step, you can install a call monitoring system to listen in on your staff. All live calls made by staff are monitored and recorded in this system. The observer might move closer to the worker who is taking calls. It’s possible the observer is actually a covert customer calling to see how the subject responds to service. In addition, the observer can utilize a headset to listen in on the calls from a different room. The observer can listen in on the conversation and fill out an assessment form to provide feedback on the employee’s performance during the call.

Controlled by a Computer

The use of computerized systems that automatically collect data regarding employee performance at work is computer monitoring. Numerous forms of electronic snooping are currently in use. In the case of data entry and word processing occupations, for instance, the software can track staff productivity and typing speed. It can also be used to see what kind of files are being stored on employees’ computers and how much time workers spend away from their terminals.

This technique allows employers to monitor workers’ productivity levels. If there is a system in place, managers don’t have to keep a constant eye on their staff and can focus on other responsibilities.

Cameras everywhere

The use of surveillance cameras is another method for keeping an eye on the staff. It’s when companies keep tabs on workers by watching them using a network of hidden or overt video cameras. These cameras are used for a variety of purposes, including monitoring employees’ work performance and safety, as well as catching any wrongdoing that may occur on the job. These miniature fish-eye cameras may go undetected for days or even weeks. At the same time, they can supply crucial details for keeping an eye on a target.

A combination of email and voicemail

You can use this technique to keep tabs on your voicemail and electronic mail. Even if an employee deletes an email or voicemail, a company can still simply monitor it using today’s technology. To further safeguard the confidentiality of their customers’ emails, businesses may utilize encryption software to scramble messages on the sender’s end and decrypt them on the recipient’s. Primarily, this is to prevent professional “spies” from accessing email, but employers can still have access to unscrambled messages.


When administration members observe other workers or superiors behind their backs, they engage in the practice of spying. In most cases, the person being investigated have no idea that they are being investigated. This is useful information for learning about conduct and wrongdoing.

Validation Badge in Action

Finally, an active badge system is used to keep an eye on things. There’s a tiny transmitter built into it. Signals from these badge systems are picked up by sensors placed strategically throughout the office and transmitted to servers over a low-cost network. The signals are processed by the servers so that the data may be accessible by the company network. Active badges are generally used by companies to determine whether an employee is absent. Due to the efficiency of this system, time and effort formerly spent on the phone have been saved, and the number of calls made has been reduced.


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