Brainstorming: How to generate more creative & productive ideas

If you probably want to find the solution to any kind of problem, then you should take thesis help positively brainstorming your mind, but how, what is brainstorming is? How it can work for you. Generally brainstorming is something in which you write down your thought and try to make creative ideas which are the best fit for your problem. Brainstorming can be fun when you sit together and thinking about the massive list of ideas. If you are in the group every open is shouting about their topic, so it’s kind of exciting process. If you’re brainstorming session leads to a dead-end, here are some creative ideas to generate for your audience

Mind Mapping

This strategy creates a visual representation of launch startup related terms and ideas to generate creativity. Create a diagram which you think you can relate to your topic and your words, with that diagram to help you generate an overall view about your concept. It may be single or multiple ideas.

Don’t Judge

The time for critique will come, but premature judgment can cause many more problems in your brainstorming process. Remember that creativity comes when you are relaxed and comfortable in your zone.

Provocation Action

Look at things differently by changing your physical surroundings or by verbal communication to others in an unexpected way. Try to change your physical location or things that you did not touch for a year. For instance, turn your chairs upside down; change the direction of your furniture service design, and different things in your home. In other words, think out of the box. Unusual situations help you in creating product images for you.

Use 6-3-5 Method

This is one of the creative variations that we use in our brainstorm process that we use the 6-3-5 method, where 6 peoples generate 3 ideas in 5 minutes, it is a simple way to generate 216 ideas in one hour. In a group study, you can give each participant a piece of paper and tell them to generate their ideas, then tell them to pass their paper to each other and then give 5 more min to write more 3 ideas. With this strategy, you can even have maximum ideas which you never think that it could be.   

Pessimist vs. Optimist

Make conversations between thesis writing help a pessimist and an optimist to find a creative idea. Start-up a general topic of conversation, between both of them with using the phrase how about to know their views. First, ask pessimist views about the topic, and on the other hand, ask optimist views. By building upon each other responses, in the end, you have a creative focus idea.

Flip Your Worst Ideas

You don’t need to always have to find good ideas, Assume that your energy might be draining and your brain thinks of negative aspect around you. Don’t worry, it happens sometimes, but try to develop some productivity in that situation also. For instance, tell your group to write all the negative ideas which they have in their mind. After doing that try to flip your worst idea into a good looking idea. That’s how you may find more ideas with fun.

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