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Can you wear gloves in Ihram?

As we know, it is not permissible for pilgrims to perform many actions while they are in Ihram. Applying perfume and covering the face or head is also included in this category. In this context, read this topic for further information, “Can you wear gloves in Ihram?” This article will guide you to find the correct answer to this question.

A pilgrim must enter the holy state of Ihram before engaging in the Hajj and Umrah rituals. Pilgrims must attain this state after cleansing their bodies, clothing appropriately, and performing the essential actions before crossing the Miqat.

It is not acceptable for pilgrims to wear gloves in the state of Ihram, whether they are men or women. If a person does this action in Ihram for a long time, he must slaughter a sheep to atone for it and distribute its meat to poor people. However, for a short time, he must offer Sadaqah to a needy one.

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Wearing gloves in the state of Ihram

According to Sharia, pilgrims are not allowed to wear gloves in the state of Ihram. If a man wears gloves in Ihram for a full day or night (12 hours or more), one damm (slaughtering a sheep) gets obligatory upon him. If he wears it for less than one day or night, Sadaqah (charity) becomes obligatory for him.

A female pilgrim should not wear gloves if she is in the state of Ihram. In this sacred state, it is acceptable for her to wear a loose outer fabric on her hands instead of gloves.


Can a woman wear medical gloves in Ihram due to any necessity?

A woman is not allowed to wear gloves while she enters the Ihram. So, until a lady has finished her Umrah or reached the first stage of exiting the Ihram, she cannot wear gloves.

However, if she is compelled to wear anything that is forbidden for her to wear while in Ihram because of a valid reason, such as being cold or ill. In this case, it is acceptable for her to do that. But she has to make amends.

A woman is permitted to wear medical gloves in Ihram if she needs to put them in order to attend to a sick or injured person. However, she must offer compensation.


Permissible actions of Ihram

The following actions are allowed in the holy state of Ihram:

  • Having a bath or shower
  • Washing the head or body
  • Changing Ihram clothing (If doing is necessary)
  • Using safety pins
  • Using a money belt
  • Covering the body and feet with blanket
  • Using an umbrella for shade
  • Carrying a backpack
  • Killing potentially harmful animals
  • Injections/Vaccines
  • Wearing a ring
  • Wearing a wristwatch
  • Using sunglasses
  • Using a Miswak
  • Breastfeeding


Forbidden actions of Ihram

Pilgrims cannot perform the following things in the sacred state of Ihram:

  • Applying perfume to the body
  • Wearing scented garments
  • Using scented products
  • Wearing stitched attire
  • Covering the face (for women)
  • Covering the head (for men)
  • Removing, cutting or shaving the hair
  • Clipping the nails
  • Touching a woman
  • Kissing a woman
  • Sexual intercourse between a husband and wife
  • Hunting



A Muslim must enter the holy state of Ihram, in order to undertake the Hajj and Umrah. In this spiritual state, pilgrims cannot perform numerous things, such as hunting and covering their heads and faces.

Both men and women, who are in Ihram, are not permitted to wear gloves. If someone commits this action in Ihram for 12 hours or more, they must slaughter a sheep as atonement and give its meat to the needy. However, for a few hours, it is necessary to give charity to someone in need.

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