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Ways to Clear Instagram Cache on iPhone and Android?

Instagram is a very well-known and widely used social medial platform but as we know that even the best platforms also encounter some issues at some point in time. 

The same is with Instagram, sometimes the users are not able to use it properly but there is a solution for this as well, according to most of the technical experts the majority of issues with Instagram will resolve if you clear cache on instagram.

Even though you know the solution, there are many people just like you who do not know how they can clear the cache and junk data and resolve the problems with the instagram application. 

But you do not need to worry about it as in this blog we are going to guide you how to clear instagram cache on iphone or android device so that after reading this blog you are able to clear it. 

Why is it Necessary to Clear the Cache Data on Instagram?

Well, it is common that many people to ask why they need to clear the cache data from the instagram app, so the answer is that it is necessary because if the cache files increase then it may slow down the speed of your device and your memory can be limited as well. 

Sometimes as mentioned above the app might get laggy also so clearing the cache files will save you from all these troubles. 

Steps to Clear the Cache Files on an iPhone Device on Instagram 

Now that you know why is it so important to clear the cache files of the instagram app from your device let us now know, how to clear the cache on instagram. 

To clear the cache files on an iPhone device is not possible, the only thing you can do is uninstall the instagram app you use and then reinstall it again on your device. 

This will clear all the junk and cache files and you can begin using the app without any problems. 

Steps to Clear the Cache Files on an Android Device on Instagram 

  • You have to first open the settings of your device and then you have to look for the apps section under settings. 
  • Under the list of apps you have to navigate to the instagram app and once you find it you have to press on it. 
  • You will be able to see two options on the screen which are ‘clear data’ and ‘clear cache, from these two options you have to select the latter one which is ‘clear cache’ to clear your instagram cache
  • When you click on clear cache all the additional and junk files of the app will be removed from your device and you can use the app without any errors. 
  • If you will click on clear data, all your instagram data which includes login details as well will be removed from your device so ensure that you do not press on it. 

So, if you will carry out the steps given with perfection you will be able to remove cache data from your mobile phone.

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