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Create Premium Branding for your CBD Products with Custom Box Printing

Today, business promotions are not successful without proper box printing and styling. That is the prime reason all well-known companies use printed boxes with custom designs to maximize their value proposition.

Keep reading to know the various aspects of custom printing on the packaging.

Role of brand logos

What do customers retain about their favorite brand? It is the brand image comprising the logo and name that stays with buyers and helps them spot the brand at every retail point.

Creative designs turn a plain brand image into pieces of art that instantly stand apart from the crowd. Modern printing effects highlight the brand title and logo using stylized fonts, a distinct mix of colors, and creative box spots.

Without effective printing, CBD brands risk being ignored by buyers. The overall marketing campaign remains non-functional if the packaging doesn’t communicate the brand image strongly. The turquoise blue Tiffany boxes and the signature Coca-Cola colors are indispensable brand identity components.

Touch customer hotspots

CBD packaging has the ability to stand in for brand promotions when no other form of marketing is available. The boxes have the power to convey branding 24/7 for as long as the boxes either sit on retail shelves or remain with customers.

Custom printed elements make a world of difference to how the customers perceive the brand. CBD items come in numerous forms with multiple functions. Customers can be informed of these using the box sides as a productive platform.

In the past decade, sellers have realized the significance of box space in giving off important branding details as well as saving on extra paper to print such info.

Customers, as a result, see the boxes as they are transported, at stores racks, and during online shopping. And so, all the details mentioned are easily read and apprehended by target customers.

box printing

Scope for minimizing extra expenses

When the CBD boxes are custom printed, they can better align with certain mandatory guidelines. Such as:

  • Exhibiting the ingredients used, expiry dates, user manual, and side effects, among other production data.
  • Calling for customers to check the online company portals to get in-depth brand info.
  • Extending help to get in touch with the brand in case of queries or complaints. The boxes are often printed with company contact details.
  • Adding creative aspects to the boxes including offbeat box spots such as the inner box covers for printing these details.

Doing the above ensures that the CBD brands make the best of their resources at hand without having to incur extra costs in:

  • Hiring more sales staff to facilitate frequently asked questions.
  • Spending more on acquiring extra paper or materials to print use manuals, in-depth production details, health concerns regarding the CBD items, etc.
  • Use the boxes to communicate handling instructions and prevent accidents.

Capture the intended customer base

Custom box printing has another role and that is to appeal to the right audience. Have you seen branded boxes conveying positive brand ethics? These could be anything including informing buyers how the brand is socially and environmentally friendly. We often see recyclable labels pasted on the boxes.

Additionally, the boxes can be printed with unique colors, content, graphics, and much more to grab the focus of the target customers. For example, CBD oils look engrossing with earthy color tones, CBD skincare boxes appeal strongly when adorned with simple graphics, and so on.

It is essential that your brand talks directly to the intended customers otherwise, they might not consider your brand for shopping.

Encourage favorable customer feedback

Custom printing has become an indispensable part of giving a memorable shopping experience to clients.  

Modern custom printed shipping boxes come in quirky shapes and personalized content. Buyers get impressed with offbeat texts, illustrations, color combos, and customized box elements. They tend to share their experiences with others via social media handles. This technique has emerged as the strongest form of brand marketing without costing anything extra!

Certain sellers choose to encourage responsible customer behavior by suggesting ways to dispose of or recycle the packaging. It helps to grab more customer loyalty, particularly among millennials.

Other essential components of custom printing

The efficiency of printed CBD boxes is not limited to the above. You can foster greater brand recognition by altering the box appeal with changing trends in the industry.

Moreover, a host of other business motives can also be achieved with the right printed component. These can be enhanced depending on the budget available and expert box engineers. Some of these can comprise:

  • Safer shipping. Instructions placed on the boxes work to inform stakeholders how to carry and store the contents.
  • Make the boxes look fresh through various lamination and coating options.
  • Reduce the effect of weather adversities by using spot UV coatings
  • Instruction on how to access the contents and reseal the boxes after use to preserve the contents.

Moreover, the color hues and patterns printed can help to give the brand a distinct identity and/or a makeover. CBD items are being legalized in numerous countries globally. It has urged many new sellers to settle in this industry and up the need for competitive strategies. Custom box printing is one such effective strategy to combat rising rivalry and meet dynamic customer needs.

How can you improve printing effects?

Before you indulge in creatively designing the boxes, it is important to consider a few variants:

  1. Who are your intended customers? The designs must match their expectations to appeal to them.
  2. What are your products? CBD items vary from edibles to pain killers, and skincare. Not one common design can match all of them. Every product box must look functional while radiating the same branding attributes.
  3. What do you aim to achieve? Is your branding goal to gain more brand recognition, attract an expanded customer demographic, or ensure safer deliveries?


Your brand image and marketing aims are achieved through styling and printing the boxes to gain an edge over your rivals.

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