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desert safari in dubai


On an Overnight Desert Safari, you can go to the Desert outside of Dubai and spend the night there. Your camping trip will take you back to the Desert before you get to Dubai proper. Everything you could want is there in Desert Safari Dubai.

You’ve made it to a real Bedouin camp, where you can spend the night learning about cultural practices like riding camels, getting henna tattoos, dancing the Yola, and drumming Arabic rhythms. After the four-course dinner, guests can relax with premium shisha in the traditional Majlis or by the campfire as the stars come out. Enjoy a quiet night of sleep in the Arab-style stone building. During a quiet and peaceful morning in the Desert, you can eat hand-cut fish, Eggs Benedict, fruit platters, and more. If you’re feeling brave, try a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the Desert.

In a fun falcon show, you can watch how these fast birds of prey respond to lures. The expert falconer releases the stunning bird into the sky as the golden sands of Arabia fade under the setting sun. Dubai is a great place to learn about the history of falconry and take beautiful pictures of the desert scenery. In the end, people from all over the world, especially those who have never been to Dubai, will never forget their time on the Desert Safari Dubai. There have been stories in the news about expensive trips.

 Dubai Desert Night Safari with stargazing

The best way to learn about the stars over the Arabian Peninsula is to go on a private desert safari Dubai at night and then have an in-depth astronomy lesson afterward. Take a stroll across the Desert at night on an eco-tour after riding around in a vintage Land Rover from the 1950s. Your knowledgeable Conservation Guide will also tell you about things to do in the Desert at night.

In the peaceful Desert Grounds, you can eat a traditional Emirati lunch and smoke shisha. When an experienced astronomer is there, the night is complete. They’ll take you outside and tell you about how the Bedouins used the stars to find their way.

After a night under the stars, you have a hot air balloon ride over the forest, have breakfast, and then go on another adventure.

When you book with Hot Air Balloon Dubai, you will have an unforgettable sky adventure. The Desert Safari Dubai Adventure: People who want a once-in-a-lifetime experience or want to try something new can book a hot air balloon trip in Dubai.


A typical overnight tour in the Desert Dubai

With Planet Adventure’s exciting desert safari Dubai, you can experience the best of Arabian hospitality, food, and beauty. The best choice is Planet Adventure’s private desert safari in Dubai (night). Everyone is interested in the world and loves to travel—Dubai at night for a camel ride into the Desert and a barbecue. Desert safaris are very popular in the al Lahbab, making it one of the most popular places in Dubai. We’re going to drive across the sand dunes, and then we’ll have a BBQ in our desert tent.

In addition to the henna artists and belly dancers, the event also features a number of other cultural performances. There will be free soft drinks, tea, coffee, and water, as well as Sheesha, which is traditional Arabic music and dance (a hookah). However, few individuals take action to improve the situation. The Desert Safari Dubai at Night in Dubai Most of the time, it’s cooler in the Desert, which makes it a nice place to live. One of the most remarkable things is going on an overnight desert safari with Dubai Desert Safari Ride.

 Some Further Information

  • Spending money on a Desert Safari Dubai will help locals pay for projects to protect the environment.
  • At Dubai International Airport, an air-conditioned car with a driver will be ready for you.
  • You can eat here if you are a vegetarian, a vegan, a kosher person, or someone who doesn’t eat gluten.
  • Remember that the Desert of Dubai is very hot during the day, so it’s best to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, and a change of cool, comfortable clothes. Make sure to bring warm clothes for the nights if you’re going on a desert safari in the winter (November through March).
  • When making your overnight plans, remember that this is an authentic outdoor experience and that we are a desert-based company that cares about the ecosystem around us. To have the least effect on the desert ecosystem, we take regular steps to keep pests out of our buildings.
  • During overnight Safari, guests are not to allow bags with them.
  • Bookings are available online at least 5 hours ahead of time. Get in touch with our reservationists right away to make last-minute plans.
  • Pregnant women for more than six months shouldn’t take the nature drive.


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