Desiccant with indicator drop

Bags with desiccant salts and desiccants for packaging have always been the ideal solution to prevent the diffusion of humidity in enclosed spaces. In this context, Silica is also a reference point in producing desiccants with indicator drops. Which are suitable for contrasting humidity and condensation in packaging containers.

The desiccant with indicator drop is one of the products made with full respect for the environment. And designed to combine excellent absorption capacity and low costs.

Advantages of Silica desiccants with indicator drop

In addition to the normal characteristics of bags with desiccant salts. The desiccant bags with indicator drops signal the bag’s saturation degree to the user, guaranteeing the maximum absorption percentage. This allows you to avoid waste by replacing the desiccant only at the right time. And protecting all your products safely.

For this reason, desiccant bags with indicator drops are appreciated by industries in which it is of particular importance to reduce humidity. And condensation of the packaging. Such as high fashion, luxury, jewelry and watchmaking, and technology, electronics and industrial.

What are desiccants with indicator drops for?

The desiccant bag with an indicator drop is used to decrease the dew point in packaging, and the most used material is silica gel or bentonite clay. It is the perfect raw material to protect technological and manufacturing products more sensitive to atmospheric agents and stored in packaging from humidity.

The drop on the bag indicates the degree of humidity absorbed, and thanks to the change in color, it is an easy and intuitive system.

Brown = dry

Green = moist

The silica gel desiccant, in particular, absorbs humidity and decreases the dew point in the packaging during transport. Keeping the product’s characteristics unaltered.

Formats of desiccant salts

Desiccant bags and desiccants with indicator drops are widely used in the packaging, electronics, fashion, and food sectors. The solutions are offered in different formats to adapt to any type of packaging. And degree of humidity to absorb and protect any type of product.

Desiccants also include orange silica gel, which turns green when saturated and can be stored for long periods as long as the packaging in which they are supplied remains intact. For this reason, the best bags, such as the desiccant drops supplied by Silital, indicate the humidity to understand if they have been used or if the salts are still usable.

Silica Gel Desiccant for Container Shipping

Container shipping silica gel dryer is mainly used in shipping as container desiccant  to absorb water vapor during sea transportation or storage and prevent moisture, mold, rust and oxidized goods.


The Britwrap dehumidifier series provides a complete moisture-resistant solution.

Container shipping silica gel dryer is mainly used in shipping containers to absorb water vapor during sea transportation. Or storage and prevent moisture, mold, rust and oxidized goods. However, due to the high humidity of the ocean and the large temperature difference between day and night. The water vapor in the container condenses into water droplets and causes the container to rain.

It is compact and flexible and can be placed in the narrow space between the top of the load. And the top of the container. The packing material is made of SMS non-woven fabric, which is hard and hard to break.

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