Do Hotels Use Duvet or Comforter?

While looking for the best hotel blankets, you have two main choices which include a duvet and a comforter. This leads us to ask do hotels use duvet insert or comforter; well, we can say that depending on the hotel, both blanket types are used commonly. What kind of comforter do hotels use and what duvets do hotels use again depend on the hotel; if they are luxury hotels they invest in high-quality blankets and if they are budgeted hotels; they would prefer something much more affordable. Where do hotels buy their bedding is from hotel suppliers such as DZEE Textiles; which offer a fluffy hotel comforter or duvet according to your hotel requirement.

Difference Between Comforter & Duvet

Essentially while looking at the two many people cannot tell the difference between the two. They are both in the running for being best hotel blankets and also have the same filling. This is where the difference between the two starts:


These are larger in size in comparison to duvets and are quilted for a more even fill distribution. They are much simpler in looks and usually come in a complete set. You can find matching bed sheets, pillowcases, and blankets to go with them. However, when it comes to purchasing for hotels, you can always find comforters being sold individually. You have to put the entire comforter as a while to wash them as they don’t have a cover and can take a little longer for the entire process.


A duvet has two parts to it, duvet inserts which has the filling in it, but it is not quilted. Then you have the duvet cover which are interchangeable. These covers are usually white when being used in hotels but aesthetically add to a guestroom that they are placed in. You can find both the parts being sold by the leading hotel suppliers. To elongate the duvet life, the covers are washed numerous times which make it easier for hotels to keep them hygienic. The insert is washed less to prevent the filling from clumping.

What Kind of Comforter Do Hotels Use?

A down comforter is a common blanket type in most luxury hotels as they tend to be on the higher side of the price menu; and regular hotels cannot afford the same. When you purchase them from a luxury hotel bedding supplier, you can be assured that the quality is worth the price you pay. Hotel comforters usually have better quality as they are manufactured to provide optimal comfort to guests, and they are easy to manage for the hotel housekeeping staff. Hotels need comforters that last through wear and tear and last for a significant period of time.

A fluffy comforter after a long day of travel or adventure, and a comfortable bed is all the guests need to revitalize themselves for the next day.

What Duvets Do Hotels Use?

Where do hotels buy their bedding plays an important role in ensuring the best quality blankets for a property. That’s why, you need a supplier that sells quality duvet insert and cover. This ensures that the investment you’re making for your guests actually lasts for a considerable period of time. Hotels prefer duvets that are comfortable, durable and are easy to manage by the staff. You always need to look into these characteristics when making a purchase to ensure you get the most from your duvet investment.

At the end, it is all about guest comfort and them feeling revitalized after a goodnight’s sleep.

What to Choose Hotel Duvet or Comforter?

After understanding what kind of comforter do hotels use and what duvets do hotels use; next step is to understand do hotels use duvet or comforter. Depending on the hotel you could either find a fluffy hotel comforter or a duvet as they are both considered the best hotel blankets according to hotel requirement. Sometimes, you would find hotels using both of them for their guestrooms. It completely depends on the weather of where a particular hotel is located.

As a hotelier, you need to the best hotel blankets for your property and then make a decision between the two. You cannot pick one just because you feel this is the right one for you. As home buyer, you need to understand which blanket is the better option for your family; and what they prefer. When you have that figured out, making the purchase is much easier for your use.

Do hotels use duvet or comforter completely depends on the hotel’s choice and which of the best hotel blankets meet their requirements. When making a choice between a fluffy hotel comforter or duvet, you need to do complete research and then make the right choice for yourself. According to you what kind of comforter do hotels use and what duvets do hotels use? Let us know in the comments below.  

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