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Do you have to attend a mehndi party? Here’s everything you need to know[July 2023]

Wedding season is coming soon, and a lot of people are dreaming of attending the wedding of some of their cousins, sisters and friends. When it comes to attending weddings, then we start thinking about some things like outfits, food, decorations, fun and a lot more. If I want to add more then how can I forget to mention mehndi parties? Those gossips, applying mehndi all night with cousins at weddings. Just a good venue we need. So if you want to take help then many event management companies in Jaipur will help you to organize it. However, we never think about how a mehndi party begins. So we are here to share some thoughts on how mehndi parties would begin. So, let’s get started. 

What is a Mehndi Party?

Mehndi party is a part of wedding functions. This is a pre-wedding event for brides and bridesmaids, and friends and family. In this, event the main focus is on applying the henna to the bride’s feet and hands. 

When it begins 

Mehdi is basically known as henna, which is made of dye made in Lawsonia inermis, the henna plant. As this has cooling properties, people who live in warmer countries have been using a henna paste to control the temperature of the body. According to the experts, henna has medical properties that will help you relieve stress, headaches, and fever. So the mehndi and wedding are relatable, as it said it calms the bride’s nerves when it applies to her feet and hands. So, for many years mehndi has been used in weddings as body art. And the mehndi party is often held before the wedding day. 

What will happen at a Mehndi Party?

Attend a mehndi party then you will see night fun with lots of food, drinks, music and cousins. The bride would apply henna on her feet and hands during this event. In today’s era, mehndi artists come over to the bride house before the mehndi party. So, the bride could choose the designs for her mehndi. For choosing a mehndi venue you could take assistance from  Wedding planner companies in India. They will help you to offer good venues for mehndi parties.

How can you plan a Mehndi Party?

Arranging a Mehndi party is not such a difficult task to do. You have to choose the right venue and invite your cousins, friends, and family that’s it. If you want more convenience at your Mehndi party, then you should take help from event management companies in Jaipur. They have a great offer for you. Plus you should know what you should add to the Mehndi party. So, for this read the below points:  

  • You have to search for a good venue
  • Decide the decor of the venue 
  • Choose a good music 
  • Don’t forget to decide the menu 
  • Stay on a fixed schedule


Here is the conclusion of the Mehndi party. Although there is nothing to implement at your wedding. However, you might have gotten a good knowledge of how a mehndi party is started and why it became a ritual at weddings. Hope you like this. Moreover, it will help you to choose the right venue and how you can plan a Mehndi Party.

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