Do You Need Assistance in Selecting the Appropriate Summer Tyres for Your Car?

Even though tyres are not a very interesting topic to think about, their effective design a great deal of effort into them. Every tyre variety functions in a certain manner, from the tread pattern to the polymeric material in its construction. 

Tyres for the Warmer Months: A Quick Introduction

Summer tyres provide optimum performance in warmer conditions, such as the summertime in the United Kingdom. They have latex compositions that are specific to them, as well as larger treads. These tyres provide tremendous contact with the road, as well as superb braking performance when necessary.

However, while all-season tyres are ready to deal with moderate hot weather, solely Summer tyres could provide a degree of performance required to deal with high heat circumstances. 

Advantages of Using Summer Tyres

  • Because of the stronger design, it provides more endurance.
  • Even though the weather is persistently hot, avoid wearing clothing too quickly.
  • Exceptional grip and efficiency on moist surfaces are ensured by the tread pattern’s distinctive look, which increases the resistance to hydroplaning.
  • More channels are on summer tyres, this means that they have a maximum contact patch and, thus, higher traction on wet roads.
  • They have excellent speed and stopping capabilities, especially while driving on very hot roads.
  • This set of tyres also has outstanding turning and handling characteristics. 

Because they are particularly for hot conditions, Summer Tyres Birmingham operate at their peak when normal tyres fall short. You can find out everything you need to learn about it on here:

Is There a Best Time to Install It?

Weather conditions suitable for summer activities Temperatures over 7 ° C, which would be around April and September, will be perfect for vehicle tyres in use.

What Makes Them Special?

This kind of tyre is often subjected to severe degradation during the warmer months as a result of the high temperatures. Tyres inflate when they are exposed to hot asphalt or high loads, making it more likely for a rupture occurs.

Listed below are a few of the qualities that distinguish these tyres as a wiser choice for summertime driving:

It is easier to maintain touch with the roadway when there are fewer sipes and holes in your tyres. It increases stopping distance and grip while also aiding in the rapid dispersion of water from these tyres.

They are mostly composed of softer rubberized coating, which is its major element. Stiffening to the ground of moisture roadways is an edge when it comes to braking.

This is because summer tyres offer improved fuel economy, make little to no sound, and have less frictional resistance. 

Seasonal Tyres Are Those That Can Be Used All Year Round.

Because of this, the tyre’s function is maintained throughout the year, as indicated by its name. All of the advantages of summer and winter tyres are combined in one package. 

Is There a Best Time to Install It?

Because an all-season tyre is effective in maintaining its prime shape at all moments, during the whole year, any weather situation is ideal for installing one. 

What Makes Them Special?

All-season tyres, which are designed to perform in all types of weather during the year, are the ideal option for most motorists. A few of the reasons why individuals choose to purchase these tyres over the internet are listed below:

  • Medium tread level has been achieved using these tyres. Its tyre lifespan is much greater than that of a summer tyre due to the polymeric material utilised in its production.
  • Because it improves driving and ride quality, it improves the effectiveness of the car.
  • No matter how extreme the weather conditions are, its function maintains its excellence.

The use of season-appropriate tyres has always been recommended, though. It’s because all-season tyres make significant sacrifices in terms of handling, driving, stopping and traction when compared to summer tyres. Another important reminder is to never mix up tyres, as this might result in detrimental effects on the car’s quality and durability.

Any problems with your vehicle may be resolved by bringing it to our facility. Tyre fitting, tyre installation, wheel balance, and tyre rotation are some of the solutions we provide. 

Summer vs. All-Season Tires: Which One Would You Buy and Why?

When opposed to other seasons, the summer months have the highest amount of crashes. Due to the obvious high enough temperature, this is mainly the case, It may result in the collapse of automotive parts. There are also a lot of construction works going on at this time of the year. Inadequate braking range efficiency may result in life-threatening circumstances.

Tyres that can maintain their optimal performance in extreme temperatures are also required. It is possible to use either summer tyres or all-season tyres in such a situation; however, this is not recommended.

Choosing the Right Tyres is Important

The sole contact point between the car and the road conditions is the tyres themselves. However, automobile drivers are much more worried about their engines, gearbox and other mechanical components than they are with their tyres, which is a sad fact. According to this, tyres are, without the need for a question, the most underappreciated of all automotive components. In the absence of proper maintenance, tyres may be the cause of serious but avoidable car crashes.

Tyre-related car crashes may be the consequence of malfunctioning or excessive tread degradation on the tyres. Preserving the total stability of the car by maintaining optimal tyre pressure is important. Tyre manufacturers provide detailed information on the optimum tread depth and optimum load-bearing capacity of every tyre they sell. Thus, a proper driving environment is ensured.

When it comes to car accidents, the tyres are really important.

More specifically, the function that tyres perform in an automobile accident is in further depth in the following article: Possible factors of tyre incidents are in detail throughout this page.

Tyre Pressure That is Too Low

Improper tyre pressure is the most common cause of tyre breakdown, by far. The sidewalls of the tyre flex excessively when the tyre is slightly deflated or overly inflated. Tread splitting and tearing in the tyre are due to a result of this warming. The increasing contact area between the tyre and the road is successful in this way. Overall output degrades as a result of this, as does the fuel economy, and the tyres wear out more quickly.

The Car Is Being Overloaded

In most cases, automotive companies specify a maximum load capacity of a tyre. There is a plaque display on the top of the front doorway, on the inside of the gasoline cap, and within the glove compartment that indicates the vehicle’s maximum load. Indeed, the weight index is directly onto the tyre. Tyre rupture is more probable to appear when a car is over its maximum load capacity. Several crashes in the United Kingdom are due to tyre rupture. 

Increasing Tyre Life – Tyres that are more than a decade old

You must not reuse tyres that have been around for more than six years from the date of assembly, irrespective of how long they have already been in use. One of the reasons for this is that tyres gradually wear down over time. Normal tyre wear has many causes, which are below:

  • The result of prolonged exposure to heat, air, and sunlight. Tread fracture may result from this exposure.
  • The degradation of the polymer underneath the influence of sunlight results in the hardness of the exterior surface.

Impacts on the outside world

Environmental factors such as weather, road conditions, and vehicle traffic may all contribute to tyre wear and strain. Sinkholes, razor blades, nails, and other hazards are examples of this kind of obstacle. A modest drop in tyre pressure results from this kind of damage. Depending on the circumstances, the variance represents may cause the tyres to completely fail. 

Reasons for a second opinion

In addition to tyres, the following factors may have a significant impact on the amount of money that you get for your automobile.

  • Misaligned wheel configuration
  • Improper toe positioning

The following steps should guarantee the integrity of the tyre:

Professionals recommend the following measures to take to guarantee that your tyre is in good condition:

  • Maintain the appropriate wheel alignment on your vehicle.
  • Maintain the tyre pressure by the manufacturer’s instructions. Once per month, you should also test the air in your tyres.
  • If your car did not come equipped with a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS), acquire one.
  • Never exceed the loading rating or velocity limit specified by the car’s supplier under any circumstances.
  • Maintain the proper tyre size for your car at all times.

You must not mix tyres of various sizes, characteristics, and manufacturers in the same car. It is essential to always ensure that all 4 of your working tyres, as well as your replacement, are all from the same type, shape, and characteristics as the others.


Changing the tyres on vehicles that have been in service for more than six years should be a top priority. It is also necessary to replace tyres which are not in use for the last 6 years but are still functional.


A substantial part of the responsibility for the safety of a car is on the shoulders of the tyres. They are the primary interface between both the automobile and the road. Therefore, you should treat them with respect and concern. You may tell by the kind of wearing on a tyre whether or not the car requires wheel alignment, as well as whether or not it needs toe adjustment. Furthermore, the type of degradation may reveal a great deal about tyre wear. So keep a close eye on your tyres at all times

Are You Seeking Summer Tyres for Your Vehicle? If So, Look No Further.

When the temperature rises over 7 ° C., summer tyres provide gets better adhesion on both tropical and temperate terrain, regardless of the conditions. These vehicles give the greatest amount of riding pleasure possible throughout the warmer months.

For your convenience, we at BR Car Care Centre have a large selection of summer tyres within Birmingham for you to pick between. These varieties also come in a multitude of price ranges, including luxury, mid-range, and economy options, making them a good match for a wide range of ‘tyres near me’ searching.

These tyres are available for purchase via our website. You just need to enter the number plate of your car. You’ll have a selection of tyres to choose from depending on the characteristics of your vehicle.

You may also purchase these Tyres Birmingham at our workshop if you prefer not to purchase them online. Whether you are unsure about which type to choose, you may get assistance from our professionals. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to come to visit us.


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