Edgy Looks, Increased Horsepower, and More makes People choose 2022 Hyundai Kona N

Hyundai is known for its edgy and sporty designs, especially for the cars that come under the N-badge. The 2022 Hyundai Kona N provides an interesting and edgy look that a passerby can’t ignore. Also, its increased horsepower and other details make people choose this vehicle without any doubt. To book one, you need to go to Gloucester City Hyundai dealership. However, take some notes of its looks, powertrain, etc. in detail.

Edgy looks – exterior and interior

Both the interior and exterior offer an edgy look that will make heads turn around when this automobile passes. Be it the rear or front portion, this car looks sporty and aggressive. What makes this unique is its narrow yet powerful headlights and large front grille, which gives it a distinct exterior.

Even the rear portion of this car oozes a sporty vibe. The stylish led headlights, bold “N” logo, dual exhaust pipes, and more matches the edgy and aggressive vibe of the front portion.

The interior comes in black color with splashes of “Performance Blue” to make it more attractive. Shifter knobs, mode button, “N” badge and contrast stitching are the things that come in the above-mentioned blue color. This contrast aspect is what adds the required color to its black interior to give it not only a sporty vibe but something that will stand out.

Also, placement of the infotainment system allows its interior to have all modern facilities without hindering its edgy look. The digital 10.3-inch gauge cluster and 10.3-inch infotainment display also add a sporty vibe. Also, its map tracking is an appealing feature that everyone would enjoy.

Apart from these, the interior also comes with Harman/Kardon 8-speaker system, wireless charging, etc. To know more about this, you can go to a Hyundai dealer serving Gloucester City.

Increased horsepower

To know about the increased horsepower, one will need to know about the 2022 Kona N’s powertrain. A 2L turbocharged four-cylinder engine is placed under its hood which gives it ample power. The ordinary Kona makes 147-hp or 195-hp depending on an engine one chooses; however, this model delivers 276-hp. Also, there is a red button placed on the steering that offers a 20-second burst of 10 more horsepower, increasing it to 286-hp.

Even delivering such massive horsepower, this car provides a refined ride quality and swift gear changing operation due to its smooth 8-speed automatic. It gives one of the best performances in this category making it ideal for roads as well as for certain tracks.

Cost price

The 2022 Hyundai Kona N is a brand-new trim that is launched in 2022 and is priced at $35,845. Such pricing is reasonable, especially for this performance car. Hence, it is a car that you should purchase if you are planning to get a new vehicle soon.

Take a test drive and check out its performance in detail before you get all the paperwork done. It is one of the ultimate vehicles under Hyundai’s “N” badge and thus, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

So, head out today to a certified Hyundai dealership to get your 2022 Kona N!

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