Everything Worth Knowing About Custom Soap Boxes!

Custom Soap Boxes

Your custom soap boxes are easy to design and style in diverse ways. From the retractable interior, through foil lamination. And special opening mechanisms, a whole arsenal of possibilities awaits you!

For many entrepreneurs, the soap packaging boxes wholesale has only one function – to transport the soaps from point A to point B. This approach is short-sighted. However, it does not take into account several others. It is an equally important feature of the box.

The originally designed custom printed soap boxes attract the customer’s attention. It tells the story of your brand more interestingly. And as a consequence, binds the customer with your brand for longer.

What Are Custom Soap Boxes Packaging Solutions?

Managing your own brand involves many difficult decisions when it comes to investing in product development. In many cases, this means, among others selecting and designing custom soap boxes that will be functional.

Nevertheless, you know very well that few entrepreneurs have time to follow news from the world of design. And research the market for the best solutions in this area.

Most often, the choice depends entirely on the budget. In such a situation, the solutions from the standard soap packaging boxes wholesale work well. You can choose mailer boxes, boxes with a lid, paper bags, as well as several other products.

Soap Packaging Boxes Wholesale That Goes Beyond The Standards

The answer is simple – use the option of valuation of soap packaging boxes wholesale made to measure. By describing your needs, you get exactly what your product requires. Remember, however, that such non-standard soap packaging boxes wholesale is only available in wholesale quantities.

The creation of most of them requires the preparation of a new die, the use of more expensive materials, or printing techniques. Due to these increasing costs, it would be extremely costly to prepare 30 soap packaging boxes wholesale in such special versions. Therefore, we suggest non-standard solutions for brands requiring minimum packaging of 1500 pieces.

Special finishes for non-standard Custom Printed Soap Boxes

The range of available options – both in terms of printing and box construction – is quite substantial. Many accessories can be combined to create custom printed soap boxes. Having a certain skeleton of a custom box, you can start adjusting possible finishes.


Such a characteristic element, which stands out on the surface of the box thanks to a special gloss. It is the effect of the use of hot stamping. Hot stamping is a printing technology that uses hot-stamping foil with the heat-conducting convex matrix.

The obtained effect is a part of the box surface covered with a special, shiny coating. It is usually available in gold, silver, and copper colors. It is a relatively simple finish that gives it an elegant character.

Also, hot-stamping gives your custom printed soap boxes a distinctive gloss. But also a smooth texture. You can use this to build a more interesting packaging experience.


The above-described hot-stamping method often goes hand in hand with embossing. Thanks to the use of a specially created die with a ready pattern on the matrix.

The use of embossing allows you to create a 3D effect. It will perfectly emphasize the design of a logo or refined graphics printed on your custom printed soap boxes

Foil Lamination

If you are looking for a way to make your custom printed soap boxes look more prestigious. Consider using matte or glossy foil added in the form of lamination.

In this process of recollection, the foil is adhered to by high temperature to the entire surface of the custom printed soap boxes. Foil lamination gives the box several advantages.

Adhesive Strip

The addition of a self-adhesive strip is an option for your most delicate products. Before shipping the custom printed soap boxes, seal them with a strip. The parcel will safely reach its destination. And your client will break the security when the parcel is opened.

Non-standard Packaging – Changes In The Construction Of The Box

In addition to the original printing techniques that change the texture of the box, you can also play with the shape and design. There are many patterns of custom soap boxes that are useful for both online and traditional sales.

Pull-out Box

The first sliding box on the list is a great proposition for a stationery store. The inner part of the packaging is retractable. And thanks to the durable structure, the custom soap boxes can be opened and closed many times.

These types of custom soap boxes look best with the use of foil lamination, hot-stamping, or embossing. You can also add a different finish, such as a ribbon or – in the case of a more eco brand – a twig.

Magnetic Box

The magnetic box is a box that comes with closure. it contains a magnet This magnetic closure provides a great first impression, revealing the contents of the box originally.

Folding Box

A folding box is ideal for companies producing candles, soaps, cosmetics, etc. Made of hardened foil-coated paper, this folding box is an excellent material for further printing finishes. It is light and handy, thanks to which it will prove useful, for example, on store shelves.

You can also use them as the inner custom soap boxes of products sent by courier. All you need to do is use a mailer-shaped box and put the one-piece boxes inside.

Solid Cardboard Box

Solid cardboard is a special version of traditional cardboard. it is harder and will work well when shipping the product by courier. Furthermore, solid cardboard custom soap boxes are the best way to present a premium product. But also technological products.

Custom Soap Boxes Create Added Value

It is important for both a large corporation and a locally operating company. Creating added value does not depend on the scale of your business. It depends on the soap packaging boxes wholesale you use in style.

On the contrary, it is sometimes easier to build something with more customer value in a small business. If you are selling natural ingredient soaps in soap boxes wholesale then it will be good. The printed soap boxes with remarkable design will surely grab the attention of consumers.

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