Everything You Should Know About Vehicle Management And Maintenance


There are several reasons why your car may stop performing the way you want it to. When your vehicle has been used for a while, it will need more than just maintenance to survive and perform well. The maintenance of the crucial components of the car is very important. Maintenance of all these components is crucial for the overall well being of your vehicle.

A car service is often understood as a voluntary service that most people undertake to take care of the basic needs of your car. Most often this service caters to the changing of the filter of the oil and so on.

The MOT Test Newbury of the vehicle is another kind of service that looks at the various components of your vehicle and determines its worth.

This worth or roadworthiness is important to determine as it will make sure your vehicle cannot bring harm to everyone else on the road. Therefore, an MOT will look at the most basic components to the most crucial components. All of these checks and inspections collectively determine the limitations and performance of your vehicle. From Wheel Balancing to checking the lights, the condition of tyres, MOT will look at it all.

Even though there are multiple checks and inspection steps present in the car service, there are still chances that your vehicle will fail its MOT.

An MOT or a Ministry of Transport Test is a mandatory test. All vehicles must clear to be deemed fit for convenience.

Here are a few components that determine whether or not your vehicle will pass its MOT test:


The lights of any vehicle are extremely crucial. They determine and guarantee the safety of your car. As much as 30 per cent of cars fail their MOT Test because one or two of their lights do not function properly. The most important lights are the headlights, the fog lights, the indicators and the brake lights. All of these should be working well enough.

If they are any problems with how they function and their colour, your car will fail the MOT Test. it is advised to have a friend or a family member check your lights before you head out for your test.


The condition of your tyres is necessary for the basic safety of your vehicle. If they are not functioning well and have any issues, it will reflect in their performance. The tyre tread depth and the sidewall of the tyres are the deciding factors between a good and a bad tyre. If the tyres of your vehicle have a tread depth below 2mm, your vehicle will fail its MOT automatically. If there are severe damages to the sidewall and the tread, the vehicle will not pass its MOT.

Therefore, to maintain the integrity of your vehicle and help it pass its MOT, tyre maintenance is a must.


The windscreen of the vehicle is the one thing that allows the driver to see out on the road.

The windscreen should not be blurred out or have any significant damages. Two zones signify the access of the driver to the road. The portion of the windscreen directly in front of the driver should not have damage that is over the size of 10mm. If this happens, your vehicle will automatically fail the test. The remaining area should not have damaged more than 70mm. If this happens, your vehicle will fail its MOT.

Additionally, if your windscreen has stickers attached, it will reflect badly on the score.


All vehicles need the safety of good brakes. If your car cannot stop abruptly in an unpredictable situation, it can prove to be harmful to the safety of the car and the passengers. If you think your brake pads are emitting noises or if the brake pads are feeling too squeaky, head for brake maintenance.

Seat Belts:

The seat of your vehicle should not be damaged.

These safety belts ensure that you do not run into an accident in any given situation. The seat belts should be perfectly functional and not stop in the middle. One should not have to tug at them repeatedly.

Therefore, seat belts can also become a deciding factor for your car’s MOT.

Registration plates:

If your registration plates are not visible or have any visible markings on them, they will fail the MOT. The vehicle identification number should be visible at all times.

You should also get the Wheel Balancing Newbury done so the vehicle passes the MOT in the first go.

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