Five strategies in preventing cheating among students

One of the most serious concerns for teachers all across the world is cheating by students. Cheating is considered as a major threat in the process of successful learning of a student. It is a major problem and student now a days are using advanced ways of doing cheating. As a part of judging the learning of students from a course, they are given assignment to do as per assignment help Singapore experts. Students are doing cheating by not only copying matters from others, but they do not hesitate in giving their homework to be done by others on behalf of them. In order to deal with the issue of cheating, there are five important strategies mentioned below that can help teachers in restricting student from indulging in to set activities.

Cultivating honesty and integrity within students

This is an important strategy required on the part of teachers. They are required to discuss about honesty and integrity with students, and encourage them to integrate these principles in their life. Although the students are quite aware of these concepts of honesty and integrity, regularly discussing with them can help in developing this principle in their practices and may restrict them from thinking about cheating in doing their assignment.

Anti-cheating pledge among students

Creating an anti cheating pledge among students is another important way of reinforcing integrity and honesty. The pledge is aimed at defining the rules and regulations regarding cheating and prevents anyone from identifying any loophole when they are caught with cheating. This is considered as an important way of preventing students from undergoing cheating because it holds them accountable and a feeling of embarrassment when they are being caught.

Utilise different versions of questions for student assessment

This is another important strategy that can be useful to some extent in restricting is to them from doing cheating. Taking friends help and copying their matter is possible when there is same questions use to access their learning. However if the questions are different, it creates a difficulty among students to cheat during practical exam. Teachers can therefore utilise this is strategy of utilising different versions of questions to prevent a student from doing cheating during their practical assessment.

Cross Questioning strategy

This can be an important strategy whereby students can be cross questioned in relation to the assessment they have submitted. This strategy is highly useful in case of online assessment whereby students are given assignment help Sydney to complete from their home. Students normally take help of others in completing their assignment and it is very difficult to prove that kind of cheating. In order to prevent a student from this type of cheating, cross questioning can be a good strategy used by teachers. According to this strategy, students will be asked questions based on the assessment they have submitted.

Utilising anti-plagiarism software

This strategy can also be utilised in case of online assessments whereby students try to cheat by way of copying from internet. The utilisation of anti plagiarism software services turnitin can help in restricting students from undergoing cheating. Turnitin is further developing an authorship testing tool that will analyse the pattern of writing and identify the patterns of writing. In case of differences in the patterns of writing of a student across different assessments, they can be held for cheating. This can create a fear of not utilising cheating among students and thereby prevent them from such unethical practices.

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