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Free SEO Tools for 2022-Best Tools for Your Website

If you looking for an SEO tool that makes your website on higher Google ranking, then for sure you are at the right place. You don’t have a ton of money; you can’t hire an agency, so what you wanna do? Here are some best free tools best thesis writing help for having your website top in Google ranking.

Seed Keywords

Most keyword research tools are in the same way, the problem with this keyword is that everyone exactly types the same keywords, no wonders most keywords are super competitive that’s where seed keywords come in. A pro tip is instead of adding seed keywords you just ask your customer that how they find you online then you used these keywords in traditional keyword research tools.

Google Search Console

Many people just use the Google search console to see their keyword ranking. Sign up for the Google search console and optimize the title tag and description. If you wanna take help then go buy some magazine, some newspaper where you can find how title and description would be added to grab more attention to your reader.

Yoast SEO Plugin

Most of you guys are ruining ion WordPress website, SEO traffic isn’t that easy. But what if doing just one plugin will make your on-page SEO well so much simpler. It helps your SEO code. Your title tags your Mata description. That’s the way automatically when you release new content its ping Google index your content and rank it.

Work Tracker Scout

It is kind of unique approach to keyword ranking. Instead of adding a keyword into a tool, it can scan a page and find keywords that show up over and over again, with that way you can go to one of your competitor pages and grab the keywords that they are already using in their content. Moreover, you can check the keywords which are best in Google ranking.

Google Trends

Google’s moves into brand signals from the past many years but yes they are even more impactful than they ever were before. In other words, Google only wants to deal with the branded websites because there are many spammers and many fake websites out there that can’t be on Google’s trending list anymore. By creating a brand your chances are more often. Google trends show you how you differentiate yourself from other people. The more people know you the better chances you have in which you can do content marketing, SEO service marketing, and social media marketing.

Google Page Speech Insights

More people use Google for thesis assistance in their mobile phone or smartphones rather than their desktop competitors that are why speed is so important. Make sure that your Google sped must be as fast as possible because it creates a role in making your website in Google ranking. Use Google speed insight as it tells you what changes you made to reduce unnecessary loads to make it look faster.


  1. Webfx Webfx February 24, 2021

    These tools above your website a remarkable boost to bring your website and optimize it in a much positive way. Moreover, keyword research tools are very beneficial for all the users who want to be their mark on google ranking.

  2. Prolynxs Prolynxs February 25, 2021

    Most recommended SEO tools for optimizing your website or blog post, it’s informative for young SEO who want to establish their website in google ranking.

  3. Contiki Contiki February 27, 2021

    For the past two days, I want tools to do my SEO for m,y website and I didn’t find it properly. Thanks to this post to give me suggestions for the best free SEO tools.

  4. indoor sports indoor sports March 15, 2021

    These tools are really good for SEO.

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