From Web Designers to The SEO – Tips and Suggestions

Today people are losing their power of patience to listen to somebody. Either they are always o the edge to revert, or they are not even paying attention. I don’t know about you, but this has happened several times when I have said something to someone but got some out-of-the-blue response from them.

But at this point, SEO is not in a place to do so. It is so because web designers have something really crucial to share. You can say it is more like giving a few friendly tips. I would suggest that if you are working in either of these positions anywhere in the world, it is important that you also keep a note of the same. Trust me, it may change your look towards websites, and digital marketing is done through websites.

So, in the upcoming section of this blog, let’s look at what the website designers have to say to the SEO teams working worldwide. Keep reading!

What do the web designers have to say to the SEO team?

Before jumping off to the core section, first, you must understand the difference between a website and a GOOD website. Not every website is a good website. Some are of standard quality. So then, what makes a website better than others?

The two things that play a hand–in–hand role in enhancing the quality of a website is –

  1. i) the designDesign of the website
  2. ii) the content of the website

And these two things are taken care of by the web designer and the SEO team. Hence, this makes it very important that both the web designing and the SEO teams work in a coordinated manner.

Both teams need to have an idea of each other’s work. So, on that note, here I bring 10 things that the web designers want to say to or suggest to the SEO team.

  1. Keywords are not your entire world –

As an SEO writer, I know how much we stress on proper placement of keywords without hampering the readability of the content. But it seems that web designers have different things to say. They believe that SEO is much more than just using keywords correctly.

Web designers say the SEO team has many things to look out for. They say that content must support every other SEO tenet, including link building, affiliate links, site speed, URLs, and other factors that give your customers the optimal user experience.

Did you get the reality check as well? This sign that you need to enhance your SEO optimisation ways a little more.

  1. Do not keep stressing about details –

This sounds so wrong, right? Earlier I wouldn’t have believed this. But fortunately, today, I have done my research, and the results are astonishing. So, it once again seems like the web designers out there are so RIGHT!

While establishing the brand value, we often give the consumers many unnecessary details, which are of no use to them. This implies that we are doing all the hard work yet not getting the desired outcome to write my assignment. So, we should focus on communicating brand value and service value through our content and attention to detail that benefits both the SEO team and the consumers.

  1. Learn that RANKING is not the ultimate goal –

Okay, so this is big. Today nearly 4.45 billion existing websites are trying their best to please Google (algorithm-wise). According to web designers, this is important, but it should not be the ultimate goal.

Realistic expectations about a website’s success will keep you grounded and help you do your job better. But, of course, concentrating on the quality of the content is the ultimate goal, and to be honest, in the long run, this would surely bring in the desired results.

  1. Do not ignore mobile –

Few content components are concealed from mobile devices because they lead to inconsistent user experiences between desktop and mobile.

But one has to remember that everything primarily starts with the user’s search intention. Therefore, it is not worthwhile for SEO professionals to pursue hidden information if the probable clients do not care about it.

Here web designers have a certain responsibility. They must help SEO professionals avoid this error by creating a responsive layout that works on desktop and mobile devices.

  1. New rules are a big-time NO –

Okay, so probably, new rules are something that irritates the designers. But, if seen from their perspective, it is justified. For them, new rules mean new code, new errors and bugs and a lot of effort to fix these new things. Hence, they have this one request no new rules, please!

This means we cannot keep accepting new rules from our SEO clients. So, we have to be a bit rigid on this point.

  1. Not design but the content is more crucial –

One has to significantly understand that website design is not something that the consumers come to see. They visit the website to know about it. They visit the website to know more about the brand and its services. A good design just makes it visually impressive.

Often the situation is so that the designers are asked to present the layout of designs first based on which the content will be prepared. But this is the wrong way. The most important asset is content. So instead of consuming content on Google, SEOs should invest more effort in developing it.

  1. Simplicity is the key –

You adhere to this tenet, but how about your SEO customers? Potential clients may become irritated and quit the website within the first few seconds due to their desire to add different colours, tiny CTAs on every page, and flashy content.

According to scientific research, simple designs are the most effective for your users and your business. So, first, communicate what you want to say, then, in a brief, direct manner.

Offer your client a deal they won’t be able to refuse: Simple website designs in exchange for the conversion grail.

  1. Do not miss out on web security –

the present date, web security and data security are the most important, for wicked heads are waiting for an opportunity for you to leave a loophole and for them to use it to extract significant information.

More than 85% of web applications are susceptible to hacker attacks. So, it’s more crucial than ever for SEO people to know about web security.

  1. Ditch SEO for a little while –

For a change, it won’t be that bad for you to ignore SEO for some time now. As per web designers – Prioritise the essentials first—headings, meta descriptions, and optimised images—and then disregard SEO. Additionally, persuade your client that a temporary break from SEO is a smart idea. Since you are here to assist your client, you must put customers’ needs above those of search engines.

  1. Keep no scope for confusion –

As an SEO services team, your website vision differs from your clients are looking for. This is normal. It is only important for you to have crystal-clear communication with them about what they want, which purpose they want to serve through this website etc. this will help you have a clear image from day 1 about what things to stress on what to ignore.

To conclude:  

See, as an SEO writer, I acknowledge all the points mentioned by web designers. It might be difficult for us to make the changes at once, but at least we can try to do so. We can try our best to manage a shift in the practises and see if at all things work in our favour for my assignment help.