Get The Best Uber Clone App At Just USD 300!

If you have been waiting for the perfect uber clone app to launch your own on demand mobile app based taxi business, then the Uber Clone app built by AppDupe is just perfect for you! AppDupe is one of the leaders in the mobile app business. It has made many great apps for lots of clients all over the world. 

They have built the top feature rich uber clone app. it is one of their best selling apps since the last 7 years. The features in the uber clone app by AppDupe app Development Company are:

  1. GPS Tracking
  2. Ride Accept/ Reject Facility for Drivers
  3. Ride Cancellation feature
  4. In app notifications
  5. In app wallets
  6. Language integration
  7. Currency integration
  8. Scalable

Uber clone app is the most popular solution in the taxi industry in the present market. Any entrepreneur who wishes to enter this space has invested in their own on demand application for instant ride bookings.

Even though from so many years people are developing such apps there is a lot of demand for this solution in the market till date. Every country needs its own solution. With this app, entrepreneurs with small fleet or their own small business of taxi can develop their own brand. 


Of course, every businessman can only take the right decision after testing the product. So, test the Uber clone app before you buy it. Thorough testing will help you understand if the app is suitable for your country or not. 


Many entrepreneurs have a doubt whether they should invest in the whole set up of the uber clone app that includes android as well as iOS apps or just go for android. Well, there is no doubt about the fact that your user base and taxi driver base is completely divided amongst these two operating system. 

If you can avail the entire set up with both android as well as iOS apps in just 300 USD, why would you not want them! Simply opt for a holistic solution so that your app is the perfect choice for your customers. 

Getting a website with the app is also important. If your users can create their profile and book rides form the website, they will be much more loyal to your brand and company. So, when you buy your own uber clone app, make sure that you get the website of the app as well. 


Get your own fastest growing real time taxi booking app today at just 300 USD from AppDupe. Their Uber clone app is sure to set you up for success and take your business to newer heights every day. A feature rich, stable and scalable app is what every business needs. Regardless of whether you are a small company with a limited fleet or an individual cab owner or even a larger company, the Uber clone app is the best solution for you!

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