Golf chipping tips to Improve Your Short Game

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An effective short game can make all the difference between winning and losing a match. A lot of golfers solely practice with their driver. Your score will drop if you place emphasis on your wedge and putter and practice these golf chipping tips and also golf putting drills.


Knowing the stroke to play and developing a sure chipping stroke will give you confidence. When you’re faced with a tricky lie, confidence around the green will help you attack the pin just as you do when putting.

Which Chip Shot?

A lot of consideration should be given to the proper shot so you land as near to the pin as possible. Take a good look and assess if there is a hazard or rough in the way and how flat the ground is. Choose which shot to use and stick to it. Lack of commitment will time and again cause problems.

From the Fringe

Provided the lie is good, use your 5 iron and place the ball toward the back of your stance. Aim your clubface at the flag and use your putting grip at the bottom of the rubber. Use a slow, short, and even swing without a wrist break. While a putter is easier to play it is hard to judge the stroke with the long grass. Using a 5 iron helps to lift the ball cleanly and onto the green.

Over Apron

Use your 7 iron and a slightly open stance. Position the ball towards the back of your stance and aim the clubface at the flag. Grip the club lower than usual and make a backswing and through swing of equal length with no wrist break – the left wrist staying steady through impact. The use of a 7 iron is better than a putter as you should avoid hitting the less-even surface of the apron.

Over a Hazard/Bunker

If you have a good lie but grass lengthy enough to tangle, utilize a sand wedge and an open stance. With your hands ahead of the clubhead, position the ball in the center of your stance. Aim the clubface at the flag and make an effort to drop the ball on top of it. Your grip must be lower than what it is for a full wedge. Create a steep backswing and downswing by using an early wrist break. Be confident, too soft a touch will place the ball in the sand in front of you.

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Your feel for the clubhead and control over the shot will improve if you grip further down than usual. An important element to attaining a sensitive greenside touch is clubhead awareness.


A beneficial hint for the chip shot is to position most of your weight on the left foot. With your weight on your left foot proceed with your swing. Allowing your weight to move too much to the right foot will cause your clubhead to swing upwards rather than in the downward direction you need.

Chipping practice with these golf chipping tips is a perfect way to trim three shots into two around the greens. Keep it straightforward forward and it will help you to lower your handicap. Your queries will be solved shortly. You can directly visit at website to find more information about us.

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