Guide To Different Types of Motorcycle Tyres

Motorcycle lovers enjoy a ride on their motorbikes, especially during the spring season. They can take their bike and roam around the country. But before you plan your excursion with your bike, you must know about them and the type of tyres you should use to travel. You will find various types of motorcycle tyres in the market.

It is quite confusing to check out so many different tyres. You will find Motorcycle Tyres Leek, high-performance tyres, sports tyres, etc. It is important for you to know about these tyres and decide which one to choose based on your expedition and comfort.

Different types of motorcycle tyres

Tyres are an important part of any vehicle, especially motorbikes. They provide high performance and great mileage to the motorbikes. But, before you pick out any random tyre for your bike, you must know about all the tyres. Here are some of the different tyres that you should know about:

All-terrain tyre

All-terrain type tyres are also known as dual-sport tyres. These tyres are mainly uses in heavy and adventure motorbikes. The tyres are highly efficient and go by 70% off-road and 30% on-road. These tyres are specially designs for off-road travel. The tread has bigger blocks and deep grooves. In the tread pattern. Since it is an all-terrain tyre, it is suitable for every type of road like mud, wet, dry and difficult terrain like the mountains, sand, etc.

High-performance sports tyre

High-performance tyres are also known as hyper-sport tyres. These tyres are designs for street performance tyres. The tyres are used in sportbikes and these bikes are light and easy to handle. The tread pattern on this tyre is thin yet provides accurate handling. It provides a stronghold from edge to edge.

Rough and off-road tyre

The rough and off-road tyres are manufactured keeping in mind the difficult and unpave terrain. The tyres can effectively go through wet, muddy, sandy or gravel land. The tyres offer good traction and have deeper treads. It gives a good grip on the road and the tyres can go at a very high speed. The thick and deep trends offer maximum grip on loose soil roads.

Competition tyre

If you are searching for tyres which give good mileage and are perfect for any competition then the racing tyres are the best ones. They provide the best fit for the competition tyres. These tyres are mainly use for racing and track competition. The tyres can regulate the high temperature and prohibit excessive wear. The temperature rises due to high speed, acceleration and brake. The tyres have a high grip to resist slipping on the road. The tyres are mainly made to regulate the temperature in the tyre.

Cruiser tyre

Cruiser tyres are also known as travelling or touring tyres. It is ideal for any tour or travel purpose. It designs for heavy motorbikes or cruisers. The tyres help to take the weight of the bike. The tread of the tyre gives good mileage and a comfortable ride. The tyre offers good traction and it can be easily use on wet or dry roads. You can see these tyres mainly on custom motorbikes.

Street type tyre

These tyres are made for everyday usage. Many people like to use normal steady bikes rather than fashionable sports bikes. For those, street type bikes are good for daily street use. The tyres are made with hard rubber and can control the speed. Unlike other bikes, these bikes do not give high speed which is normal to use in the daily street. These tyres provide good grip on wet or muddy roads. They have a lot of treads on the surface of the tyre which enhances the grip.


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