Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu Samuel Net worth 2023, Age, Education, Career, Family, Relationship, Bio, Wiki

Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu Samuel, born on September 12, 2005, is a prominent figure hailing from Los Angeles, California. With his charming personality and impressive achievements, Henry Gunther Samuel has captivated the hearts of many. Let’s explore the key facets of his life and uncover what makes him an extraordinary individual.

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Henry Gunther Samuel was born on September 12, 2005. This special day marks the beginning of a journey filled with endless possibilities and remarkable accomplishments. As he celebrates his birthday each year, we are reminded of his vibrant spirit and determination to make a difference in the world.


At the time of writing this article, Henry Gunther Samuel is 17 years old. Despite his young age, he has already made significant strides in his personal and professional life, leaving an indelible mark on those who have had the pleasure of crossing paths with him.

Sun Sign

As a Virgo, Henry Gunther Samuel possesses a range of traits that contribute to his unique persona. Known for his self-effacing nature, practicality, industriousness, and humility, he embodies the essence of a true Virgo. Additionally, his quick thinking and methodical approach to life provide him with a solid foundation for success.


Henry Gunther Samuel encompasses a multitude of positive traits that have shaped his character and contributed to his growth. Let’s delve deeper into these remarkable qualities:

  • Self-effacing: Henry Gunther Samuel possesses a humble nature, always putting others before himself and remaining grounded despite his achievements.
  • Practical: With a practical mindset, he approaches challenges with a logical and pragmatic perspective, finding efficient solutions along the way.
  • Industrious: Henry Gunther Samuel is known for his strong work ethic and dedication to his endeavors. He consistently puts in the effort required to achieve his goals.
  • Humble: Despite his talents and accomplishments, he remains down-to-earth and treats everyone with respect and kindness.


Henry Gunther Samuel was born in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California. The city’s diverse culture and artistic atmosphere have undoubtedly influenced his upbringing and shaped his worldview. Los Angeles serves as a backdrop for his remarkable journey and the development of his unique identity.

Currently Residing

Currently, Henry Gunther Samuel resides in his hometown of Los Angeles, California. This city holds a special place in his heart and continues to inspire him on his path to success. The dynamic environment and opportunities available in Los Angeles contribute to his personal and professional growth.


Henry Gunther Samuel proudly holds American nationality. As an American citizen, he embraces the values and opportunities that this diverse and thriving nation offers. His multicultural background and exposure to different perspectives contribute to his versatility and understanding of the world.


Henry Gunther Samuel is the son of Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel, widely known as Seal, and Heidi Klum. Both parents have achieved remarkable success in their respective fields, and their influence has undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping Henry Gunther Samuel’s journey. With such talented and accomplished parents, it is no surprise that he has inherited their drive and determination.


Henry Gunther Samuel’s grandparents, Francis Samuel and Adebisi Ogundeji, have contributed to his rich heritage and cultural background. Their love and support have nurtured his growth, instilling in him a strong sense of identity and family values. Their influence continues to shape Henry Gunther Samuel’s character and aspirations.


Henry Gunther Samuel has three siblings who are an integral part of his life. They are:

  • Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo
  • Lou Sulola Samuel
  • Leni Olumi Klum

His siblings form an essential support system, and their bond strengthens the family dynamics. Together, they share a unique connection that brings joy and fulfillment to Henry Gunther Samuel’s life.

As we conclude this article, we have explored various aspects of Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu Samuel’s life. From his birthplace and upbringing to his personal traits and family background, each detail contributes to the captivating narrative that surrounds this remarkable individual. Henry Gunther Samuel’s journey continues to unfold, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing the extraordinary accomplishments he will undoubtedly achieve in the future.