How Digital Marketing is Different from Traditional Marketing

Software Assemblies is a leading digital marketing company in New York that will provide better digital solutions.

Being a Digital Marketing company, we make use of techniques that uses different digital channels like websites and social media to market products and services. With the help of digital marketing, we help businesses to grow by using platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. There are four stages in digital marketing: organizing, Communication, content, and follow-ups. 

Traditional Marketing

to clarify, Traditional Marketing is the old-fashion method of doing marketing. It promotes various advertisements, including TV, radio, newspapers, printed, etc. Companies use these traditional platforms for doing the marketing their products.

in other words, The four stages of conventional marketing are Interests, recognition, Aspiration, and decision.

In 1990 when the internet was not introduced, traditional marketing was the only marketing which used advertisement or promoting products or services.

S.No.Digital MarketingTraditional Marketing
1.Digital Marketing is done by using the online platform to advertise the product and services of the company. Product and services are advertised through the digital medium, SEO, SEM, PPC, etc.  Marketing is done by using the conventional way of advertising like using newspaper, television, radio, pamphlets, etc. The advertisement of the product and services are done through TV, telephone, Banner, Broadcasting, sponsorship, pamphlets distribution, etc.
2.It is more economical.It is not economical.
3.It is systematic and quick and is a good and fast method for brand building.It is not suitable for brand building.
4.With the analytics tools, you can quickly evaluate digital marketing.It isn’t easy to evaluate traditional marketing.
5.It is dynamic.It is static
6.Tracking is possible.Tracking is not possible.
7.Engagement with the customer is high as compared to traditional marketing.Engagegment is slow.
8.Modification can be done easily after the ad is placed.No modification is possible once the ad is placed.
9.It has a global reach of audience and gives quick and real-time results.It has reached the local audiences only and has given late results.
10.It is two-way communication.It is one-way communication

Traditional Marketing

As we see the rising of social media platforms, traditional marketing value has decreased. However, traditional marketing holds a good place in the consumer’s daily life. It is a suitable medium if you have a reasonable budget to invest your money in newspapers, magazines, etc.


Poignant and easy to understand

Prominently billboards or Tv commercials are a normal part of people’s daily life. They are easy to understand and entertaining.

The printed marketing element is everlasting.

If you have a printed magazine or pamphlet, consumers can keep it for a very long time until recycled.


If you see something practically, you will remember it for a very long time rather than seeing something virtually. Impressive, beautiful, and innovative ads will stay in your mind rather than the post on social media, which you will scroll down in some seconds.


Difficult to track it

consequently, There are few ways to track or tools in traditional marketing campaigns compared to tools present in digital marketing.

More Expensive

If you’re a brand, you don’t print like pages for marketing; it is not considered as it will be economical or more costly.

Less interaction with the customers

consequently, You are less likely to know your audience’s reaction when you do traditional marketing, while you can easily interact with the audiences in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing 

No matter how effective traditional marketing is, we provide digital marketing services as today’s era uses the internet and social media. As per our survey, it is stated that people spend 6 hours and 42 minutes online every day. Globally, 57% of the population is using the internet, and in 2021, mobile sales increased to 73% of all time.

That’s an astonishing good amount of opportunity you will spend by doing the digital marketing of your products.


Better engagement with the customers

By using social media, platforms you can see what feedback is for your marketing efforts and what they think about your brand.

however, You will know that if your brand marketing has got likes, comments, and views and positively affects audiences.

Easy to track

That is to say, You can easily track the implementation of digital marketing in the marketing of your products. Therefore, helping you in making further efforts for the audience.

Target good audience

consequently, If you have good appliances and know-how to impress the audience, you can target many audiences.


Digital ads are irritating

however, Suppose you are surfing through social media like on Instagram Facebook and checking out your friends upto nowadays. After that, you will get the ads popping up on the screen about the search you have done the night before.

however, That’s so annoying, and you will lose interest in that brand.

Not everlasting

Meanwhile, Digital marketing efforts like Google ads, promo emails, or social media ads can temporarily affect people. However, they are impalpable and can easily be ignorable. Your audiences keep scrolling on social media, your ad will disappear from thier screen.

Constantly develops

Meanwhile, When doing digital marketing, you need a specialist from search engine optimization to social media marketing; you need professionals for this task. Therefore, let’s look at our digital marketing strategy for some motivation.

Digital Marketing Services give you better solutions.

Eventually, both types of marketing have their advantages and drawbacks. Software Assemblies provide digital marketing services per your brand requirements, scrutinize your budget, and understand your target spectators. We are an Online marketing agency assisting our audiences globally with better solutions.

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