How important is it to have a Good Web Design?

Just like a well-maintained and bright store sells more good than the one at the corner that doesn’t even attract a single customer. The case isn’t much different with web design. Have you ever happened to go through a complicated website and couldn’t find a thing? Those websites cause a lot their owners. Instead of generating traffic, poor web designs distract the audience.

In this article, we are going to unbind the several reasons to have a good web design and how does it impact your business. So hook yourself to screens and read it till the end because you are going to discover some great tactics.

What is web design?

In simple terms, the core purpose of any website is a visual interaction. It’s all about using your artistic skills more than coding skills. The reason for building a website is to work on a communication gap between users and service providers and if your design does not help with that then you need to work on it a little more. It does include graphic designing but not coding languages. Once you learn web designing professionally, you get familiar with many different concepts. And then you can even offer cheap web design services for start-ups and people who can’t afford expensive web designers.

Search for these skills in your hired web designer

When you hire someone to design your business website, you should always lookout for the skills that are needed to create a good web design. Even professionals can make rookie mistakes sometimes so it’s okay to appoint a practicing designer and not just a degree holder. Following are the expertise;

  • Knows about a layout design
  • Have a sound knowledge of interaction design
  • Knows basic coding languages like HTML, CSS
  • Knows about the color principle
  • Familiar with web mockup tools
  • Knows your product and user group
  • Expert in front-end coding edit software
  • Should know what SEO is!

These are the expertise that every professional web designer should have to make a good web design.

What’s the question? 

It’s crucial to have a good web design if your business depends on a website. Your website’s appearance, its color, fonts, and everything need to be considered thoroughly. We faced a physical pandemic just now but we are observing virtual pandemics for so long and that made us dependent on the digital world. And it has to be fascinating.

Suppose, a web design is your first impression on the users. Many users tend to check out websites that have a good appearance and that do not bore them. We know, it’s a silly point but ask this to yourself. Would you like to spend 10 minutes on a website that doesn’t even look interesting? That’s how it works. An interesting and good web design contains five elements. Layout, content, graphic, color, and font.

How does a web design impact business?

A good website can impact your business in a matter of seconds. And that can be positive or negative. Do you know why? Because of the quality. It depends on the quality of your website and how would you determine that? Of course, with its design and appearance. According to studies, over 80 percent of customers check out different websites before making a purchase. So, if your website is lacking the quality, it may increase the bounce rate up to 70 percent. And that is not a good news.

A great visual representation 

Good graphic catches attention right away! Always remember, it’s a visual interaction. Keep it on your priority because visual representation is a strong factor when you are designing a website. People like to experience great graphics because it’s fruitful to sight.

The first impression is the last

As we mentioned before your website is your first impression and not only yours but your brand’s or product’s impression too. Now it’s up to you and your chosen designers that how is it going to come off? It can make your brand or break it. For instance, there are too many great brands out there but still, they don’t get recognized. Why is it so? Because of the weak online presence. They did not update their websites ever which makes the user experience pretty tough.

The brighter the better!

Colors have a great impact on our lives and we are not kidding when we say that it impacts your business too. When you go through a website that is not visually attractive, you don’t spend much time there. And it does not end here. You might have noticed that different brands have different identities. Take cab services for example. You can recognize them with colors. Their websites have the same colors as their cabs. Or check out Zomato or Food panda. Every brand has a color that makes it different than others.

Don’t be messy!

Let’s talk about the layout. A simple and steady layout is what your website should and needs to have. If your website is messy, that will negatively impact your business. No one wants access to a website where they can’t even understand the brand. It creates a distraction and makes the user experience worse. But if you have a clean and clear layout that’s a plus for you. Get ready for a great user experience.


We don’t understand designers who get crazy with the fonts. There’s just a simple rule to follow while choosing a font. Choose something easy to read. We understand the urge to be creative but use it where it’s needed. Don’t play with the fonts.


Your online presence depends on your business website and your website depends on its design. Whether it’s good or bad. Many people prefer branding services to promote their brand’s online presence but oftentimes get failed. The most important thing to be mindful of is that you should better know your audience. You cannot design a perfect website unless you don’t know what the audience needs! Last but not least, if web designing was just about coding then there wouldn’t be a need for these elements. We could’ve had worked it out without it.

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