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Death Note Season 2 Release date, cast and Plot 

 Otaku or not, there’s a high chance that you may have heard about the popular anime “ Death Note.” If you’re an anime freak, this veritably anime is among the list of your preferred Top 5 anime, and we How many seasons in death note

’re clearly not wrong on that bone. 

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To put it, Death Note is a Japanese manga series penned by Japanese pen Tsugumi Ohba and Taskehi Obata as the illustrator. The manga series came so popular that it was latterly acclimated into an anime of the same title, released on October 3, 2006, comprising 37 occurrences manufactured by Circus. 

 For those who have n’t heard or watched the anime yet, “ Death Note” anime is considered a masterpiece indeed though it’s over a decade since the anime was out, and suckers could n’t help but be curious about Death Season 2. Several spin-offs came out, including Netflix’s live- action adaption. Still, it’s natural that suckers still prefer the anime interpretation and remain hopeful to this day that the alternate season will eventually arrive, indeed if they’ve to stay for times for this masterpiece. 

 Then’s everything we know about the alternate season of Death Note. 

What’s Death Note about? 

 The story revolves around Light Yagami, a high schooler and a genius who one day picks up a strange tablet that fell from the sky. The proprietor of “ Death Note” is Shinigami Ryuk, who grants the Death Note stoner to have superpower to annihilate anyone whose name is penned down in the runners of the book. The stoner, Light Yagami, uses the name Kira and seeks to kill anyone, primarily the culprits, to produce a quiet community. He becomes so focused in eradicating the bad guys that he becomes evil himself and gains the limelight from the police task force, directed by impenetrable operative L, to immure him. 

 Death Note Season 2 Release Date 

 Death Note season 2 does n’t have a release date. The future seems uncertain as the anime series had a satisfying ending and enough much covered all the chapters from the manga. Still, there was some enterprise that a new story for Death Note has published in Japan’s Jump SQ magazine in 2020, but at this point, a alternate season of the megahit anime may probably noway be. 

 The cast of Death Note Season 2 

The main promoter in the story is Light Yagami, other important characters are Shinigami Ryuk, Detective L Lawliet, Misa Amane, Nate River and Teru Mikami. 

 Death Note Season 2 Plot 

 In the first season’s homestretch of Death Note, there was a showdown between Light Yagami and his adversary Ryuk which the main lead Light Yagami lost, and it so happens that he dies. Note that this anime series has numerous twists and unanticipated turns of events making the observers extremely delicate to prognosticate what ’ll be next. Did Light Yagami actually die after his name was written on the Death Note by Ryuk? You have to find out for yourself, and if you ’re that curious, you can always watch the anime. 

 Also, the story gets indeed more pleasurable with the appearance of new Shinigamis other than Ryuk, and guess what? They also retain a Death Note. So supposedly, Light Yagami isn’t the only wielder of the ignominious book “ Death Note.” 

Does n’t this sound interesting to you? For your information, this anime is n’t just called a masterpiece or Greatest of All Times for the namesake. Now, one may suppose, what’s all this hype about an anime released in the early 2000s, but easily, if you watch it, you ’ll know why it’s current across the globe. 

 Also, several rumors have been going around recently that Netflix might be working on commodity related to the megahit anime series and is planning to release it soon. Still, as you know, Netflix’s live- action adaption of the anime series was a total disaster, and we ’d more not get our expedients too high, or so we suppose. 

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