How Much Pain Does Hair Transplant Cause During And After Treatment?

Is hair transplant painful

A Hair Transplant is a procedure done by the surgeon cutting small incisions through the skin. Also, there is no pain in the hair transplant procedure. If you feel pain after surgery, you can consult with a Hair Transplant in Jaipur for the treatment. In this article, you will know about types of hair transplants, their side effects, and Is Hair transplant painful?

Types of Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE is a procedure where each follicular unit extracts from the scalp. The hair follicles remove randomly, allowing the surgeon to remove hairs from the donor area.

Benefits of FUE

  • The grafts are treated separately with excessive scarring following the procedure.
  • The procedure is painless and has long-lasting results.
  • A faster recovery time from the less pronounced holes after the extraction.
  • Activities and exercises can perform more after the FUE process.
  • It is possible to harvest hair from anywhere on the body using FUE like beard or chest hair.

FUT Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is a large, thin piece of tissue that gets removed from the backside of the scalp. It can be taken off from the strip by stereo-microscopic dissection. After removing the follicles, the wound will be closed, leaving only an excellent, single linear scar.

Benefits of FUT

  • FUT has the highest amount of hair to cover more area, and this technique may suit your needs.
  • A shorter amount of time is usually required to perform FUT procedures.
  • FUT procedures are generally less expensive.
  • It is a painless and straightforward procedure that is easy to recover and have long-lasting natural results.
  • Scarring is less if you need additional courses.

What are the Stages of Hair Transplantation During Surgery?


Your personal information and baldness, which the doctor will consider before proceeding with the hair transplantation procedure.

Local Anaesthesia

Local anesthesia is given to the area to relieve the pain during surgery. From that, you will have a comfortable headrest, and then you will be required to lie on your back at the time of the procedure.

Hair Graft

Hair grafts stuff separately from the donor area in the FUE procedure. Also, the follicles with good quality are harvested and employ the punching technique for cutting. If the follicular cells are no longer holding, it removes from their original condition. Also, the doctor does an antiseptic dressing on the donor area when the extraction process is over.

Post-Operative Phase

Your hair specialist will provide you with specific guidance on caring for your body during surgery. It is crucial for proper healing, and for better results, it is essential to follow the instructions advice given by the expert.

Is Hair Transplant Painful During a Procedure?

No, the hair transplant does not have pain during a procedure. Also, the harmless surgical procedures cause some discomfort. There is no need to worry about pain, and patients report no hurt. Say that a hair transplant is quite a simple and enjoyable experience. Although it is a straightforward procedure, patients must be aware of the implications of the process and should experience it during the surgery.

After Hair Transplant Surgery

Patients cannot feel any discomfort during surgery; then anesthesia is injected. Also, the patients experience no pain during surgery. When the treatment is over, the doctor will administer the numbing agent. It means the patient will have about 3 hours of numbness before it wears off and the possibility of pain. Although, to settle the patients it takes three hours to return to their everyday life. The patient has to take a painkiller before going to sleep, as suggested after surgery. Also, the discomfort feeling of patients can be reduced by the morning. Many of the patients do not have pain after the surgery.

Side Effects of Hair Transplant


Hair Transplantation can result in bleeding, and the surgeon can stitch the scalp when there is excessive bleeding.


The development of scabs causes it, and also, you can easily remove it by using shampoo. Also, by applying moisturizing oil you can get relief from itching.


Hair transplant patients who undergo the procedure may suffer from scarring. It is possible to manage it by having the treatment.


Hair transplants can also cause swelling on the forehead and around the eyes. Also, it may take some days to recover.


From this article, you have learned that is hair transplant painful? No, a hair transplant procedure does not have pain during surgery. If you have pain after surgery, you can take a pain killer or consult with the doctor.

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