How to Add a Blog to Your WordPress Website?

Add a blog to your website is highly recommended because it’s a great way to talk about your dissertation writing support product or your industry your services and get some serious outcomes of your product worldwide. People trust in you believes in you and it’s also great for search engine. Having a blog on your ecommerce or business website is a great supplement to everything you do for your website or your product as well as it is great for Google search engine. So you can add your blog to your WordPress in a few easy steps which are mention below.

Install Free WordPress Software

If your wish to write a blog on a WordPress website, you should install WordPress software. It might sound a little tricky but it’s easy and simple and you will glad to know it. When you complete the process of signup, you receive an email from the blue host with details. Just login into the online dissertation editing service online blue host and it will give you a simple wizard through which you can easily install WordPress on your website. Emphasizes you just have to go to the “my site” area and click the “create site” button to launch the wizard. 

Fill in details for your website like username, password, once you complete the installation process, you can easily access your new dashboard for your website. 

  • Create blog page
  • Create blog post
  • Change WordPress setting so that WordPress recognizes that your website blog where you want to add and then remove the unnecessary title from the page Adjust the URL structure of your blog post which is very user-friendly and also great for your cipd assignment help
  •  Google search engine to know what type of content you want from your site so that people know you better. The more blog post you put on your eCommerce website, the more chances you give search engines to find your website that people search for their answers. 
  • Finally, add the blog to the menu so users can easily navigate  

Choose Setting and Reading 

So here you have to select a static page where you have to ensure that your selection is always on the “home”. Make sure to click on the “Blog” on the post page bar which we created earlier. Additionally, you can tell WordPress that how many blog posts you want to show at once or you can choose that whether you want to show a full blog or just a blog summary.

Save Changes

Click on the Save changes button to make sure that your blog post is on the specific page where you want to publish it. 

How to Change Your Blog Looks?

WordPress is very flexible; it gives you thousands of different benefits to access your online coursework service site and make it look more attractive with themes and plugins.

Themes- These changes, how your WordPress blog look like 

Plugins- These add functionality to your blog

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