How to Create Page Website using Elementor?

If you want to create a one-page website using WordPress or elementor all for free. As you know WordPress is not just s blogging platform, by customization you can build your cipp assignment writing help service website according to your interest and need. Moreover, by utilizing elementor you can even manage custom post and build related content which is useful for you. 

How To Allow Users To Submit Post on WordPress and Elementor

The Default WordPress

At the moment we have default installation at WordPress, so when you come over and click the plugin, you don’t have any kind of plugin over there, as well as when you come to the appearance on the theme you don’t have any kind of theme. 

Install Theme

If you want to stall the theme, you can go and write Astra on the search bar of the theme page. After this, you can see a theme and you can easily start downloading that theme for free. Make sure after downloading you have to click that activate button which is mention right under the theme box.

Download Page Elementor

Come to your research paper experts website dashboard and click on the plugins bar, and add a new plugin. A plugin that we are going to add is elementor which is a page builder and it is a free version of elementor. Search for elementor and you can have elementor page builder which you can easily download and activate.

Create Menu for Website

For this, you have to come to the appearance, menu and then going to create a menu for the website. I the menu structure bar, you can write a name for the menu like “main menu” and then create it. The next step is to you can add more items to your menu bar. For this, you can add custom links with wpbuilt, and for that, you can with your URL and then you have to the pin that website into the URL and then add one of your menu items, and you can name your URL by adding a name on the link text bar. Like that you can add many options to your menu bar.

Create a Simple Page Template for a Custom Post Type

First of all, you have to understand that how CPT enters into different areas in your sites. As for each recipe can mention and publish it inside your blog. If you want to create a costume recipe for dissertation writing help your blog post, so you need to follow these steps which are mention below.  

  • Use the heading widget and create a single template 
  • Click on the dynamic item and choose the ACF field, choose an ingredient and add it to your site.
  • Now click the publish bar choose all recipes and hit the publish button again to see the complete result. 

Benefits of Dynamic Websites

Plenty of benefits are there if we use elementor to create a one-page website on the page. As it is designed to perform the different tasks under one platform so there are a variety of benefits.

  • Easy updating: we can update our page our website according to our needs.
  • User friendly: we can customize by our self, according to our audience.
  • Interactive
  • Easily manageable 
  • Professional

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