How to do embroidery on leather

If you want to embroider on leather, make sure you have the right tools and practice on scraps first to improve your skills. If you embroider something on leather, it’s not only possible, but it could also make your business money. This article talks about how to choose a leather material, how to choose patterns that work, how to choose needles and stabilizers for leather, and how to hoop to avoid hoop burn.

When embroidering on leather, there are several things to keep in mind:

1) Leather comes in a lot of different colors and textures. Cowhide, lambskin, suede, and buckskin all come in a wide range of colors and patterns, and they can all be made into different things. It can be thick or thin, flexible, or have a lot of different types that keep its shape even if they’re stretched.

2) when you choose designs to embroider on leather, look for motifs that are light and sheer in appearance. Solid leather embroidery designs with strong fills and rows of satin stitching may burst from the surface of the leather because there are so many needle holes in the leather.

3) If you want to embroider on leather, you can use a size 80/12 leather embroidery needle. To make holes in leather, this type of needle has a wedged tip. The hole or perforation made in the leather is smaller than with a standard needle because of this.

How to do machine embroidery on leather?

Machine embroidery on leather will be a breeze if you follow the directions and take your time, so don’t hurry. If you follow these important tips and methods, you won’t have any trouble at all!

When embroidering on leather, use a medium-weight cutaway stabilizer to keep it from tearing. Between the leather and the stabilizer, a temporary spray adhesive is used to make sure that the two pieces stay together.

A stabilizer that has been cut away serves to keep the leather together both during and after the embroidery process so it doesn’t break apart.

Leather: Smooth the leather onto the adhesive side of the stabilizer with a flat, smooth surface.

Use hooping when you are designing to make sure that everything in the picture is in the right place (hooping prevents the fabric or leather from shifting as the hoop moves while embroidering).

Use of Hoop:

It might also leave a mark on the leather or scuff it. A hoop, on the other hand, could do that. Strips of muslin will be placed on top of the leather to protect it from scuffs or permanent marks.

Prepare leather for embroidery:

Remove the fabric from the way so that you can start embroidering before you do it. The design is made by embroidering it.

Due to the fact that leather is thicker than cloth, there will be a lot more friction between a needle and the leather because of this. Pull-ups may show up when the needle is a little above the leather.

To deal with the extra friction, we embroider at a very slow speed, about 350 stitches per minute.


There are a lot of things you now know about embroidering on leather. It’s important to think about things like needle size and thread color when you’re making a hooped project.

Your embroidery results should improve because you know how to use these factors in the design correctly.


 1. How do you embroider vinyl fabric?

When you want to embroider on vinyl, you need a leather needle to do so. Instead of just going into the surface, this needle slices through it, cutting it in the process. Choose a gauge that can handle the weight of the leather. Keep the machine at a minimum speed setting while paying close attention to the sewing process.

2. Can you embroider a leather jacket?

Yes, embroidery on leather is done in the same way as explained above in this article.

3. Can you embroider a leather purse?

And the same technique is used to embroider jackets and other leather goods, so it’s not very different from that.

4. What needle do I use to embroider leather?

In order to embroider on leather, you should use a size 80/12 leather needle to do so. To make holes in leather, this type of needle has a wedged tip. The hole or perforation made in the leather is smaller than with a standard needle because of this.

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