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How to Draw A Hammer Easily

How to Draw A Hammer. When tackling a project that requires even the simplest construction, you almost certainly need to add a hammer to your toolbox. Hammers are incredibly versatile and useful tools in your arsenal and can be used in various situations. Hammers also come in many different varieties, and while it’s a simple object, learning how to draw a hammer can still be difficult. If you want to know how to do it easily, this is the perfect tutorial! Reading this guide’s end would be best to see how it’s done. You can draw many more characters like how to draw batman, Anubis drawing, cat drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more drawing for kids.

How to Draw A Hammer

Step 1

For this first step of our guide to drawing a hammer, we’ll start with the head of the hammer, which is probably the most important part. One side of the head has a flat hammer face that takes care of the actual hammering. At the other end is the curved claw, which we can use to pull out nails, among other things. We will start with these two aspects in this first phase of the guide. The hammer’s striking face has a thin base that moves outward toward the larger area of the striking face. This surface will be slightly curved and have an edge near the surface. Next, you can draw the torso for the hammer and then finish off with curved lines that extend backward for the hammer’s claw.

Step 2

Continuing with this hammer design, we’ll add more detail to the head of the hammer. First, use a few more curved lines to draw the second half of the claw for the head. The angle of the hammer allows us to see the flatter underside of this claw, as shown in our reference image. Next, use some more curved lines for the base of the hammerhead; then, you can use one long line for the start of the right side of the handle. Then it’s time to continue with step 3 of the guide!

Step 3

In this third step of our tutorial on how to draw a hammer, you will finish the outline of the hammer handle. First, draw a fairly flat oval shape for the base of the handle at the very bottom. Next, we’ll use another long, curved line going up from this oval to the head of the hammer. The hammer’s handle has a fairly specific shape, so do your best to replicate it as it appears in our reference image. With the handle complete, we’ll add some texture detail as we continue.

Step 4

Hammer handles are often made of wood, and we’ll add some texture to show this in this fourth phase of drawing the hammer. To achieve the wood grain effect, we build up layers of patterns onto the wood handle. Start drawing a long, thin shape with pointed ends near the centre of the handle. Then surround that shape with progressively larger versions of the shape around it. For now, draw three shapes with a thick line down the middle of the first. Then we can move on to step 5, where we refine the wood grain pattern along with all the final details.

Step 5

In this step of drawing a hammer guide, we will finish the texture details and finishing touches. To complete the wood grain effect of the handle, we’ll draw more curved lines on the handle, surrounding the shapes you drew in the previous step. Most of these have a fairly smooth curve, but some near the base have a sharper shape. Once you’ve added the wood grain, you can add even more detail! One idea would be to omit the wood grain effects and draw a rubberized sleeve effect on the handle instead. You can also draw a background to show what kind of project we will use this hammer on.

Step 6

This is the last step of your hammer design, and we will finish with some colours. In our reference image, we kept the colours a bit more realistic. We used shades of brown for the wooden handle and then shades of grey for the metal head of the hammer. You could use similar colours, but feel free to use some of your unique colour options instead! Once you’ve decided on the colours, you can choose what media and artistic tools you want to use to make them. We are excited to see what you choose!

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