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How To Fix The Kindle Critical Battery Error

Well, the kindle is one of the devices that is very popular among users of all age groups. Through kindle, you will have the access to the world of books. also, there are at times when you are using your Kindle and are looking to charge it, then you can face the Kindle Critical Battery Error.

Well, you need not panic as this is a kind of error that is very common. The users like to purchase books and read, they do not have to bear the weight of the books anymore. There are many features in these devices that can sway any user out there. 

But it can also face some issues and today we are going to discuss one of the most common issues of this device. 

Kindle Critical battery error:

This is the error that is faced when the ebook is jammed and the battery is empty. This issue will appear on your kindle when your kindle is 100 percent vacant. 

When the battery is empty you will be seeing this message on the screen stating the Kindle Critical Battery Error.

Well, there are some steps through which you will be able to resolve the issue:

Connect the charger:

Make sure that you do not try to recharge the device using the data cable. Well, this is going to take more time as compared with the power outlet. You need to make sure that the charging LEd is lighting.

The first thing that you need to do is to connect your device with the help of the charger. This is one of the critical errors which is why it is recommended not to use the laptop or the PC in order to charge your device. 

This will mean that the device is charging properly. If you see that there is no light charging, then you need to plug in the charger for some time. 

Push and click the power button: 

Well, you need to connect your charger and then connect t with the power outlet. You also need to push and hold the power button for the minimum time of at least a minute and then check whether it is charging or not. 

When this action is attacking the place, make sure that your device is switched off. 

You need to check if the LED is lighting or not. Well, if you see that it is not lighting, then you must replug the device by unplugging the device. Make sure that you charge your device for at last 5 hours in order to make sure that your battery gets fully charged. 

Recovery mode:

Well, if you are still facing the Kindle Critical Battery Error and are not able to resolve it, then you need to apply this step. Well, in these steps, you need to plug the cable out and then hold the power button for at least 20-30 seconds. 

After you are done, you need to instantly press the home button for up to 45 seconds. Well, when you are doing that, you will see that your kindle battery life will start to show the flashlight. After that, free the home key.

This is going to make your device reboot. 

Well, if you are still facing this issue and are looking for help, then get in touch with the official experts of amazon kindle. They will provide you with the best steps. For more information check out the website speakrights.

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