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Writing paraphrasing content

Probably you know that how to paraphrase any content but still struggling with it. We are here to help you in achieving your academic goals with Thesis writing help and talk about paraphrasing. Paraphrasing is a rewriting of a specific passage from someone else. It is written in your word without changing any original meaning and also not removing any information. 

How to Paraphrase in 5 Easy Steps | Scribbr

Initial Steps to Be Taken Before Paraphrasing

  • Step 1: Read the passage several times to fully understand the meaning. 
  • Step 2: Note down the key concepts.
  • Step 3: write your version of the text without looking at the original.
  • Step 4: Compare your paraphrase text with your original one, and if you find phrases too similar make changes.
  • Step 5: cite the source of a text, you can easily with a different type of cite generator like Scribbr. Remember don’t need to write quotation marks to paraphrase.

Stop Using the Synonyms Tools

Using the synonyms functions makes your BTEC assignment help work look sloppy and makes your sentence hard to read and often confuse your sentences because you using those words in the sentence which quite fit in it. So there is no real way in getting around paraphrasing, you need to write content in your words from scratch if you don’t want to end up losing marks.

How to Paraphrase (In 5 Simple Steps)

Don’t Copy and Paste Text

You don’t need to copy and paste any text. Copy and pasting text can goes of the concept of plagiarism. It is something when you use someone else works and pretending that it’s your own. Only copy and paste something, when you want to use quotes.

Use Highlights and Key Bullet Points

You have to read the resources of professional writing services online which you need to cite or the information you need to write about, and when you reading this information use highlight and key bullets point to take notes. Try to write nice and short keyword related to your topic that reminds you the information which you write about. 

Leave 5 Minutes between Reading and Writing

It is easy; all you need to do is walk away from the text after you have done bullet points for about 5 minutes. It is a good amount of time to forget what is written in the text.  So when you walk away from cv writing UK close all the windows of your computer, close your books so you don’t see any source of information again. When you come back just start recreating your paragraph from the bullet point you took.

Group doing paraphrasing content
Group doing paraphrasing content

Write Paragraph with Bullet Points

Now you can able to recreate your paragraph based upon your bullet points you took down. 

Four Tips to Make It Easier For You

  • Start a different point from the original.
  • Make use of different sources if you can’t think of any synonyms.
  • Change the sentence structure writing yard, try to use passive voice if the original text using active and vice versa. 
  • Break up long sentences into smaller sentences or combine sentences into longer ones. 

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