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Comedian Micky Flanagan once did a funny stand-up piece about how no one REALLY enjoys a holiday weekend. Even though we rubbed our eyes laughing, we think you can enjoy a weekend getaway with some smart planning and maybe a few stiff drinks!

Do your research and pick a place you really want to visit. A weekend dedicated to art or love – you’ll only be there for a few days, so pick something that really interests you.

Pay close attention to how you get to and from the South East. On this page we can take care of your taxi to the South East, but what if it ends up on the other side? Make sure you book a taxi so that your return journey is stress-free.

Don’t plan too much and don’t spend all your time walking around. Choose two or three things for each day, but assume that you won’t be able to do them all. Are you taking a break or are you on a military mission?

Enjoy food and drink. For most people, relaxing means sitting back and enjoying the good life.

Don’t take your mobile phone or computer with you. Give your hotel number as an emergency contact and then switch off for a few days before our South East Taxi takes you home.

When it comes to travelling, it’s not necessarily about long, expensive trips abroad and long holidays. Most of the time, people have less time and a very tight budget and can’t afford to leave the kids with their grandparents for too long during the holidays. If you really want to enjoy your weekend getaway, you can plan a visit to new cities and places nearby so that a weekend trip to a new city can revitalise you. The most important thing is that you simply enjoy yourself in a new atmosphere! Travelling should always be refreshing for everyone. Don’t waste your weekend, contact our helpdesk whenever you need assistance.

It’s easy to book online, you’re just a few clicks away, and no matter where you are in the South East, we’ll make sure a South East taxi is waiting for you as soon as you enter the arrival terminal.

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